This is part two of our It’s a Wrap series where we chat about the best food we’ve eaten in the last year. In Episode 2 of the With Husband In Tow podcast, we talked about our favorite meals in Asia in 2015. In this episode, we attempt to narrow down our best meals from Europe.

Food in Europe

Ep 004: It's a Wrap - Europe

After 5 months eating our way around Europe, it was a challenge to come up with the list, though, as we traveled to some of the culinary meccas of Europe, including Catalunya, Emilia Romagna (twice), and Portugal (twice).

Ep 004: It's a Wrap - Europe

From some of the best seafood in Lisbon, at Cervejaria Ramiro, to dining at the best restaurant in the world at Can Roca in Girona, these were amazing meals and amazing stories. We met world famous chefs, Italian winemakers, along with Portuguese chefs and “wine professors.” With the exception of one meal, where we dined in a fisherman’s shack on the beach in Costa Brava, each of these experiences can be recreated during your 2016 food travels in Europe.

Ep 004: It's a Wrap - Europe It was fun to spend our New Years in Bangkok reminiscing about these amazing meals, and gives us hope that we can recreate some of these experiences in the new year.

Best Seafood in Lisbon at Cervejaria Ramiro 

Traditional Seafood in Catalunya

Ep 004: It's a Wrap - Europe

Lunch with a Professional Chef in Lisbon

Ep 004: It's a Wrap - Europe

Getting a Taste of Celler de Can Roca

Italian Sparkling Wine & Bologna Bubbles

Happy New Year from With Husband In Tow:

Restaurant Can Roca (not to be confused with El Celler Can Roca): 

Jordi Roca’s Gelato Shop in Girona, Rocambolesc

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