Food and Travel Podcast S01E03: Hong Kong Helicopter Tour

Hong Kong Helicopter Tour Podcast

Hong Kong Helicopter Tour Podcast

Hong Kong Helicopter Tour

This was a bucket list item for Eric without him even really having a bucket list. A true #AvGeek at heart, I don’t think Eric slept much the night before this experience.

And, if there is ever a place to take your first helicopter ride, it’s over the city of Hong Kong. Right up there with Chicago and New York City, Hong Kong has a stunning and recognizable skyline. It happens to be one of our favorite food cities as well.

Imagine our surprise then, when one of our favorite experiences from our recent trip through Hong Kong was a 10 minute long helicopter ride over Hong Kong.

This episode of the With Husband In Tow podcast explores this luxury travel experience, soaring high over Victoria Harbour. It was such an amazing experience with Heliservices Hong Kong that we had to keep sharing the experience in every different way. The video of our helicopter tour captures the visual experience.

But, the video only captured a part of the experience. The podcast really captures the raw emotion of taking our very first helicopter tour!

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