Qatar Business Class Lounge in Doha

When we cash in our miles for a business class or fist class flight, we like to do everything we can to make the most of the business class experience. This of course includes the chance to use an airline’s business class lounge. And, the Qatar Business Class Lounge in Doha was easily the best airport lounge we’ve ever experienced. So far. Qatar Business Class Lounge Doha Our goal is to eke out every minute of luxury and pleasure and to take advantage of all the opportunities to experience flying something other than in cattle class. Using the Qatar business lounge in Doha certainly provided us this opportunity when flying Qatar business class.

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Qatar Business Class Lounge Doha The lounge was massive, airy, clean, and new. The Etihad lounge in Abu Dhabi is way too small for the number of passengers flying through. The Qatar business class lounge, though, is huge. I couldn’t imagine a situation where they run out of seats, a problem at so many business class lounges around the world. A large reflecting pool, and contemporary surroundings just exuded luxury. In fact, I almost felt like the lounge experience was nicer than actually flying business class and made travel to Doha worth it! Qatar Business Class Lounge Doha

Dining at the Qatar Business Lounge in Doha

Qatar Business Class Lounge DohaWhen we flew Etihad out of Dublin, I was super impressed wit the Etihad lounge at Dublin Airport. Mostly because of the a la cate breakfast menu. It was the first time I was served a fresh, hot meal at an airport lounge. But the food service at the Qatar Business Lounge in Doha took the cake. Qatar Business Class Lounge DohaUpstairs was a full restaurant, with an a la carte menu. We were not hungry enough for a full meal, but managed to pull in some pretty nice snacks. We made our way to a glass enclosed dining area, which seemed to be one of the few areas of the lounge that served alcohol. Alcohol was conspicuously absent from most of the snack areas in the main rooms of the lounge. A fancy salad and snack bar was set up and manned by a group of chefs, all decked out in chefs whites and tall hats. I pointed to a few of the salad items, and they made me a fresh platter. A perfect light snack. Qatar Business Class Lounge Doha Qatar Business Class Lounge Doha

Qatar Business Class Lounge Doha – The Architecture

Qatar Business Class loungeWhat was most impressive about the lounge, though, was the art and architecture. Not only was it spacious and modern. But, there were uniquely designed sitting areas offering a bit of quiet and privacy. Qatar Business Class Lounge Doha Qatar Business Class Lounge Doha They maybe were not the most comfortable of seats, but they were certainly pleasing on the eyes. Overall, our experience at the Qatar Business Class Lounge in Doha was lovely, even if it was the middle of the night. I would happily spend time during a layover in Doha experiencing more of the lounge. For more on our business and first class flying experiences, see our Luxury Travel Guide. Learn more about interesting things to do in the Middle East. If traveling through Doha with kids, check out this post on how to manage Hamad International Airport with kids, particularly during long layovers.   

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