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Penang Curry

Thai Penang Curry

There are certain dishes that I tend to gravitate to while traveling, mostly dishes that I would consider comfort food.  In the US, comfort food tends to be meat loaf, or fried chicken, or grandma’s lasagna.  But, for me, it tends to be iconic dishes, which although might not be authentic to that country, were dishes that I ate in the US.  Pad Thai is one of those dishes – it is on every Thai menu all over the US, but it is questionable whether Pad Thai is truly authentic Thai food, or something that has become popular just for the tourists.

Another dish that may not be “traditional” Thai, but is tasty nonetheless is Penang Curry.  A mix of curry, coconut milk, and peanuts, a thick and creamy Penang Curry, with some extra spice is a perfect dish.  The sweet and spicy together make it entirely worthwhile.  This crab curry in Phuket was served with balls of fresh rice noodles instead of rice, with fresh Thai basil and coriander. 

Where to eat: Leam Him Seafood, on the east side of Phuket island, on a wooden deck overlooking the water.  Enjoy a tasty penang curry while washing it back with an ice cold Singha beer.

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  1. Crab curry with rice noodles, I love that! Yummm!

    Gourmet Getaways

    • I know, right? So unique and soooo yummy!


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