Luxury Dining in Ubud Ubud, Bali, has a decent food scene, and not just for vegetarians.  There are good options for western food at reasonable prices.  And, there are a few restaurants I would consider for luxury dining in Ubud, Indonesia.

Generally, though, when we ate at those fancy places I was often left thinking “that was good . . . for Ubud.”  It just seemed there was always something missing, a hard to find ingredient perhaps that would have brought the whole meal together.

The Sayan House was perfect luxury dining in Ubud, and never once left me thinking “that was good . . . for Ubud.”  Instead, everything we ate was just plain good, and easily the best meal we had while living in Ubud.

First off, I enjoyed the calm and quiet of this far corner of Ubud, while admiring just how pretty our invitation for dinner was.  This was part of the soft opening at The Sayan House, so we had a VIP invitation, which was so classy.  It really set the scene for the attention to detail this luxury dining in Ubud experience would provide.

The Sayan House – Luxury Dining in Ubud

Luxury Dining in Ubud The views over the hills at Sayan were spectacular, with a sunset that offered the perfect luxury dining in Ubud experience.  We enjoyed a little romantic quiet time, while waiting for our dinner companions, Joe and Emerald.  Once they arrived, we began our feast.

Luxury Dining in Ubud I started with one of the best cocktails I have had in Ubud, a Machu Matilda, . I say this was one of the best cocktails n Ubud because it was obviously made with quality liquor, whereas so many cocktails in town just seem to be thrown together with rail liquors. 

Luxury Dining in Ubud This Sayan House cocktail was easily made with precision, and I think love.  Seriously, the description of the Machu Matilda stated it was made with Balinese love, along with basil, tamarillo, lime, vodka, and homemade ginger ale.  The menu even set forth what kind of glass each cocktail came in, mine in a long stemmed martini glass.  I wanted to order a dozen more, but the table opted for a bottle of imported red wine instead.

After sipping on my Machu Matilda, I moved onto a king prawn and avocado rolled sushi, which was served so elegantly, that I was almost afraid to eat it.

Luxury Dining in Ubud Then, I went bold, and ordered the Australian Wagyu sirloin steak, with freshly ground wasabi, which was grated tableside to my liking.  I enjoyed crispy tempura fried vegetables and an aged soy sauce.  I was not aware that soy sauce could be aged.  Apparently, it can.

Luxury Dining in Ubud I completed my meal with Oma’s apple pie with homemade gelato and cinnamon sprinkles.  I wanted to lick my plate.

Luxury Dining in Ubud Eric, along with our other dining companions enjoyed seafood fritto misto, grilled lamb chops, and pork spare ribs.  During each course, dinner conversation sort of paused, where all you could hear was lip smacking and yummy sounds. 

The staff were also delightful and so well trained, for a moment I thought this was not luxury dining in Ubud, but that were in some big city in the US, until I heard the chirps of the geckos and the rustling of the wind in the tall palm trees that surrounded us.

It was a perfect evening of luxury dining in Ubud, at the Sayan House.

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We were guests of the Sayan House, but as always, my yummy sounds are all my own.

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