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Many people flock to Ubud, Bali for yoga and vegetarian cuisine. In recent years, though, there has been an explosion of higher-end and contemporary restaurants making Ubud a great destination for food travelers. This is particularly true when looking for high-end dining experiences at very reasonable prices. One such restaurant is The Sayan House Ubud, offering a fabulous luxury dining experience in Ubud, Indonesia.

In this post, we focus on our review of The Sayan House Bali and explain how to experience one of the best Ubud restaurants with a view. But, we also share our experiences of dining in Ubud during the almost two years we lived there. We will also share some additional recommendations for how food travelers can experience Ubud, Bali.

Fine Dining Restaurants in Ubud

Luxury Dining in UbudWhen we lived in Ubud, we ate at some of the more fancy restaurants in town. Often we left thinking “that was good . . . for Ubud.”  It just seemed there was always something missing, a hard to find ingredient perhaps that would have brought the whole meal together. As our time in Ubud wore on, we found the quality of fine dining experiences improved as Bali became more firmly on the map of Indonesian and international chefs looking to make their mark on the world.

The Sayan House was perfect luxury dining in Ubud, and never once left me thinking “that was good . . . for Ubud.”  Instead, everything we ate was just plain good, and easily one of the best meals we had while living in Ubud. This was due not only to the food but to the experience of dining at this restaurant in this little corner of Ubud.

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The Sayan House Ubud Experience

The Sayan House Bali
The Sayan House Ubud – The Sayan House Review

Why did I enjoy our experience at Sayan House so much? First off, I enjoyed the calm and quiet of this far corner of Ubud. As much as Ubud is not a large city, it can hardly be considered the village it once was. This restaurant is only a few minutes drive from the center of Ubud, but it feels a lifetime away from the bustle and traffic of tourists. 

Second, the views over the hills at Sayan were spectacular, with a sunset that offered the perfect luxury dining experience. I started with one of the best cocktails I have had in Ubud, a Machu Matilda. I say this was one of the best cocktails n Ubud because it was obviously made with quality liquor, whereas so many cocktails in town just seem to be thrown together with rail liquors. This Sayan House cocktail was easily made with precision, and I think love. Seriously, the description of the Machu Matilda stated it was made with Balinese love, along with basil, tamarillo, lime, vodka, and homemade ginger ale. The menu even set forth what kind of glass each cocktail came in, mine in a long-stemmed martini glass. I wanted to order a dozen more.

We enjoyed a little romantic quiet time while waiting for our dinner companions, Joe and Emerald. So many areas of Ubud have become loud, with honking motorbikes and traffic. Sitting on the terrace at Sayan House, though, we got to enjoy the view over the jungles during dusk. Once Joe and Emerald arrived to join us, we began our feast.

Luxury Dining in Ubud

Luxury Dining in Ubud Pro Tip

From living in Bali I learned that sunset is about the same time each night throughout the year, roughly around 6:30. For many travelers, this may seem too early to eat dinner, but you get used to it. When it comes to booking dinner in Ubud at Sayan House try to start your evening early in order to take advantage of one of the best views in Ubud. Even if you enjoy a cocktail or two before sitting down at your table, it’s worth it to see the views over the Bali hills at dusk. Our pro tip? Get there early! My recommendation is to plan to arrive around 6 pm and plan for an hour or so of drinks before starting your meal

The Sayan House Menu

Luxury Dining in Ubud

The menu at the Sayan House focuses on “wasabi and chili” a reference to their focus on a fusion of Japanese and Latin cuisine. The a la carte menu includes sections dedicated to both sushi and tacos, some of which are a blend of the two cuisines. The menu is all served in an open-air restaurant, with a cozy feeling.

After sipping on my Machu Matilda, I moved onto a king prawn and avocado rolled sushi, which was served so elegantly, that I was almost afraid to eat it. Then, I went bold, and ordered the Australian Wagyu sirloin steak, with freshly ground wasabi, which was grated tableside to my liking. I enjoyed crispy tempura fried vegetables and an aged soy sauce. I completed my meal with Oma’s apple pie with homemade gelato and cinnamon sprinkles. I wanted to lick my plate. Being an expat and so far from home for so long, eating dishes like apple pie is a kind of comfort food experience that I crave. 

Eric, along with our other dining companions enjoyed seafood fritto misto, grilled lamb chops, and pork spare ribs.  During each course, dinner conversation sort of paused, where all you could hear was lip smacking and yummy sounds. The staff were also delightful and so well trained, for a moment I thought this was not luxury dining in Bali, but that were in some big city in the US. That was until I heard the chirps of the Balinese geckos and the rustling of the wind in the tall palm trees that surrounded us.  It was a perfect evening of fine dining in Ubud, at the Sayan House.

The Sayan House Bali – The Details

The Sayan House offers an a la carte menu with prices for starters ranging from $6-11 and entrees ranging from $13-20. Cocktails are around $9 each. The Sayan House Ubud is located at Jalan Raya Sayan No 70, in Ubud Bali. They are open seven days week from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Reservations are recommended and can be made on their website. This is true also because they tend to cater a lot of events (because of their amazing Ubud view!) and you don’t want to arrive during a wedding feast.

The Sayan House Bali – Video

Where to Eat in Ubud – Fine Dining

Ubud RestaurantsThe Sayan House is not the only luxury or fusion dining experience in Ubud. When we first move to Ubud there were only a handful of fancier restaurants in town. We visited several of them while living there. Here are some other recommendations for the best restaurants in Ubud that focus on fine dining.

Locavore Ubud

For true food lovers, Locavore Bali is definitely on the top of any list of where to eat in Bali. Even though the restaurant only opened about five years ago, over the last several years, Locavore keeps climbing up the list of the top 50 restaurants in Asia, landing at number 21 on the list for 2018. Chef Eelke and his team are focused on creating creative dishes inspired by traditional Balinese and Indonesian cuisine. Reservations are highly recommended. Locavore is located on Jalan Dewi Sita in Ubud. They are open for dinner on Monday, lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday, and are closed on Sunday. 

Check out our full review of Locavore Bali, one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants

CasCades and Apéritif at the Viceroy

CasCades Restaurant Ubud-

We did a little staycation at one of the most luxurious hotels in Ubud, the Viceroy. Their restaurant, CasCades had to be one of the most luxurious meals we ate while living in Ubud. An Australian family operates the hotel and restaurant with a focus on top-notch international ingredients. When we dined there we became very good friends with their chef, Chef Nic Vanderbeeken. Since then, Chef Nic drew on his European experience and opened Apéritif Restaurant. Although we haven’t dined there yet (it just opened at the end of 2018), it looks poised to quickly become one of the best places to eat in Ubud. The decor is decadent and the menu includes dishes hand-picked by Chef Nic.

Bridges Bali

Bridges is one of the more established fine-dining restaurants in Ubud and often finds itself on the top lists of where to eat in Bali. The restaurant sits near the two Campuhan Bridges that lead out of the village of Ubud. It’s a blend of European cooking techniques and Indonesian ingredients and flavors. There are dining rooms on multiple levels, many with tables overlooking the jungle and the bridges. Bridges Bali is on Jl Raya Campuhan, Ubud. They are open every day from 11am-11:30pm. 

Where To Stay in Ubud

It’s hard for me to recommend places to stay in Ubud because we lived there and only did a few hotel stays (many of which I would not recommend). But, there are some newer hotels just on the outskirts of town that are nice.

The Viceroy Bali – One of the most luxurious private hotels in Ubud: Read our review | Book now from $450

Alaya Resort Ubud: Centrally located hotel with private pool: Book now from $150

Maya Ubud Resort and Spa: Lovely infinity pool overlooking the jungle: Book now from $180

Stahla, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel: Just outside of town, a relatively new Marriott property: Book now from $90

The Sayan House Ubud – The Sayan House Review

The Sayan House Review - Bali Indonesia

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