Luxury at the Four Seasons Langkawi

Four Seasons LangkawiLife as a travel blogger is hard work.  Okay, it’s not as hard as a lot of other jobs, but it is not as easy as you might think.  Yes, we get to have really cool experiences because of our blogger status, like our lunch with a wine maker in the Bologna Hills, or going truffle hunting in Emilia Romagna.  But, a lot of work goes into pitching the ideas, arranging social media, editing photos and videos, writing the blog post, and marketing everything.  This is why we needed a little luxury at the Four Seasons at the end of our Langkawi, Malaysia, trip.

Our five night stay in Langkawi was sponsored by the tourism board, which meant we were kept pretty busy.  There is also an added layer of stress in that I want to do a good job.  I am plagued by a desire to please, it was the same when I was a tax attorney.  Why should my job as a professional travel blogger be any different?

luxury at the Four SeasonsAfter four pretty busy days we had one final day of activities planned.  We were scheduled to spend our last day in Langkawi on a jet ski tour of neighboring islands, followed by some street side eats, and then a night time squid fishing expedition.  That’s a full day for sure.

Due to my recent back problems, we had to politely pull out of the jet ski tour.  There was no way my back could handle four hours bopping on top of waves.  Instead, I wanted what everyone wants in a tropical beach vacation.  I wanted to relax.  I wanted quiet.  I wanted a gorgeous view.  I wanted a stunning pool.  Where else can you find that type of experience when you are looking for luxury but at the Four Seasons Langkawi.

luxury at the Four SeasonsNow, we were not staying at the Four Seasons, and I don’t think they generally allow access to the public like we had.  So, yeah, this is one of the perk’s of being a travel blogger.  We were not even asked to write about our experience, just to promote some photos on Facebook and Twitter.  Which we did.  Happily.  But, there was just something about the property that made me want to share it here as well.

luxury at the Four SeasonsBut, the resort property was simply amazing.  We received a golf cart tour of the 48 acre property, which is a huge property for only 91 rooms.  The space available led to a feeling of exclusivity that I am sure celebrities crave.  We could see the attention to detail in how well maintained the property and the landscape were.  It was luxury, pure and simple.

Then, we were offered a private little oasis in one of their pool front cabanas at the ADULTS only quiet pool.  No children.  Not even any music.  I allowed the calm to wash over me as I thoroughly enjoyed the luxury at the Four Seasons. 

I swam. I enjoyed the view of the bright white sand on the background of shades of deep blue.  I took a nap.  I ate an amazing steak sandwich and a giant, fresh coconut. Just the kind of fine dining you would expect from a restaurant at the Four Seasons, even poolside.

luxury at the Four SeasonsThen, just before leaving, we stopped at Rhu Bar for a perfectly prepared Four Seasons cocktail.  I was, once again, amazed at the beauty of this resort.  The beach in front of the restaurant was so wide, so open, with not a lounge chair in sight.  It was pristine in a way I have never seen at a resort property. Ever.  It’s no wonder the Four Seasons always hits the top of every list of luxury hotels around the world. 

I know luxury at the Four Seasons has its price.  If you can afford it, I would recommend it.  Even without staying in a room, I felt calm and at home.  I didn’t want to leave!

We were hosted by the Four Seasons Langkawi for our day of luxury relaxation, but of course, my opinions are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Luxury at the Four Seasons Langkawi

  1. Gourmet Getaways says:

    Completely agree! Both of us just finished a road trip NSW series and while it was fun to do it together, the stress of exceeding expectation is always there :). Looks like you had some relaxed time in Langkawi 🙂

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  2. Danielle says:

    I have to be honest, I’m starting to hit delete every time I see another subsidized travel post. It’s fine on occasion, but it seems to be all the time now. I loved your blog for your raw, tell-it-like-it-is style. It’s just not the same.

    • says:

      Ah, Danielle, I have been waiting for the day that I receive this comment. I have been working on a blog post about that little disclaimer at the bottom of posts, and what it means for the blog. I ask that you hang in there, wait for that post, and allow me to email you directly, if that would be okay? In the mean time, thank you for being such a loyal reader for so long!

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