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Langkawi Sunset CruiseJust before boarding the 55 foot yacht outside of the Langkawi Yacht Club, we were encouraged to take photos of the boat before going aboard.  The reason: “when we get back it will be too dark and you will be too drunk.”  Suddenly, I was super excited for our luxury Langkawi, Malaysia, sunset cruise.

We had met Mark from Naam Adventures a few days before when Eric went parasailing off the coast of Langkawi.  Due to my sciatica and recurring back pain, I had to pass, much to Mark’s disappointment.  I think this was, in part, why he was so eager to please our group during our Langkawi sunset cruise.

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Langkawi Sunset CruiseThe yacht was amazing. I had never stepped foot on a boat this big.  The Sea Falcon boasted at least three big bedrooms and amazing massage showers. I got lost on the tour alone.  Mark offered that if anyone wanted to take a nap, to just help ourselves. 

A Luxury View on a Langkawi Sunset Cruise

Langkawi Sunset CruiseBut, then we would miss the view.  It was a lovely evening as we sailed just a bit off the coast of Langkawi, where we dropped anchor to await the sunset. 

Mark arranged the tender to bring a group of us ashore to a relatively empty beach, where we splashed our feet in the waves. 

Langkawi Sunset CruiseAfter, we feasted on a massive display of food while waiting for the sunset, one of the best we have seen in Asia.

All the while, Mark and his staff ensured that we had plenty of wine and beer to drink.  Langkawi is in Malaysia, a Muslim country, and it was hard to find liquor outside of the hotels during our stay.  It was a welcome break after a month in Vietnam, where beer can cost as little as ten cents.

Langkawi Sunset CruiseAs Mark promised, though, we did not run dry during our Langkawi sunset cruise.  It seemed he, or his staff, was always scaling the staircase to the top of the yacht with a tray of beer or wine, encouraging us to have a great time. 

Although I was not entirely drunk at the end of the night, Mark and Naam Adventures put on a lovely little yacht party.  Our Langkawi sunset cruise was a gorgeous night for sure.

We were supported by Naturally Langkawi during our trip, but all opinions are, as always, my own.  The Sea Falcon can be booked for this Langkawi sunset cruise, as well as full day cruises, afternoon picnic cruises, and for honeymoons.

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