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“India – you’ll either love it or hate it.” This is a refrain we have heard time and time again. It is why we postponed traveling India until the time was right, until we saw a sign. Basically, it was our excuse to put off an India trip time and time again. I was hesitant to plan a trip to a country that just seemed so daunting.

Every time I attempted to research a trip to India, and searched again for the perfect India travel guide, I always seemed to fall short. Most popular of the India Travel Guides focus on how to travel India on the cheap – how to spend less than $25 a day.

We don’t travel on less than $25 a day, no matter what country we are in.

Our India Travel Guide might be a little different. It is, in fact, a little more like a Luxury India Travel Guide. It’s a way to find comfort in the uncomfortable and familiar in the unfamiliar. It is a way to find reliable accommodations and to book trusted tours, in order to make the most of a trip to India.



India Travel Guide
India Travel Guide
India Travel Guide

India Travel Guide – Accommodations

I wrote extensively, even before we stepped foot in India, about our goals for traveling in India, and doing so in comfort.

We knew we did not want to travel to India as backpackers. But we also don’t have the budget for a pricey Abercrombie & Kent luxury tour around the country. We knew there had to be something in the middle. A trip that involved a combination of comfort and ease, with great experiences along the way.

This is how we created #IndiaByMarriott. What I loved about this concept was that this trip was all about luxury, but achievable luxury. The Marriott properties could be booked for as little as $100 a night. They are perfect for people who want to travel India comfortably, and reliably.

They are also perfectly in line with people who look for an India travel guide to offer them a great way to spend their two week holiday. We had a great experience at each of the Marriott properties, with amazing food and welcoming staff.

Traveling in India – Traveling in Comfort

Traveling in India – You Either Love it or Hate it

Booking a Luxury Spa Treatment in India

India Travel Guide – Food

One of the most important things to us when traveling is food. It’s why we’ve laid out our food travel guides for different regions around the world.

With traveling in India, I thought myself pretty knowledgable about Indian food. After all, it’s one of my go to comfort foods when we travel. But, the chefs that we met while traveling in India were so knowledgeable. They were so willing to share what they know about all of the regional Indian cuisines, and how to make many of the dishes. And, most importantly, they stuffed us rotten, and fed us until we cried mercy! Here are our stories about the foods we ate in India as part of our India Travel Guide.

An Introduction to Dining in India

Hotel Dining at its Best, in New Delhi

Exploring Regional Indian Food in Agra

Rajasthani Cuisine in Jaipur

How to Eat Street Food in India

Akira Back – Asian Fusion and Indian Wine

India Travel Guide – Excursions

One of the key elements to an India Travel Guide is how to make the most of your trip to India.

I am not a fan of group tours. I loathe sitting on buses, being shuttled from location to location, on someone else’s schedule. As much as I prefer more independent travel, there are times where a local guide, and a private tour, are worth the money. Traveling in India is just one of those times.

We booked several private day tours and excursions with Viator Travel. We’ve taken great tours with them before, including a cooking class in Osaka. We also learned how to make kimchi during a trip to Seoul. The great thing about Viator is that they have tours all over the world, in all sorts of niches, from food to culture. It’s possible to put together your own perfect India travel guide just by picking and choosing the activities you want to partake in. Here are the tours we took in India with Viator Travel.

Private Tour From Delhi to the Taj Mahal

Private Indian Cooking Class in New Delhi

Private Morning Tour of Mumbai – Dabbawalas and Dhobis

Private Street Food Tour in Mumbai

Luxury India Travel Guide
India Travel Guide
India Travel Guide
India Travel Guide
India Travel Guide
Day Tours in India
Day Tours in India
Day Tours In India
Day Tours in India

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