Holiday Gifts for Foodies Under $25

Holiday Gifts for Foodies

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of the holidays, and often times we spend more time trying to escape Christmas, than embrace it. I realize, though, that I am an anomaly. Many people love the holidays, and enjoy trying to find the perfect gifts for their friends and families. I also know it can be a pain to come up with interesting gifts. As a result, this year, I thought I would share some gift guides to offer ideas for perfect gifts for foodies, and gifts for wine lovers. Best part: all of these gifts for foodies come in under $25! Just click the photos below for more information.

Trivia Game for Foodies

Now, this I thought was such a fun idea, Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers, for only $19. It comes with over 1,000 questions about celebrity chefs, food on the road, and culinary history. I always loved playing Trivial Pursuit with Eric, even though we often got a little too competitive. But, the classic Trivial Pursuit always had so many topics and questions that were way beyond our knowledge, like who won the 1934 Oscar for best actress. With a food trivia game, at least we have an interest in the topic of the questions.

Encourage Foodies to Shake Things Up

This was truly unique, and priced at $24 comes in just under the limit for the best gifts for foodies under $25. Have you heard of Foodie Dice? The dice pouch includes 5 key dice for proteins, as well as seasoning dice. It’s possible to create over 185,000 possible meal combinations. It’s a great way to shake up a cooking routine and one of the most perfect gifts for foodies!

Destination Dinner Kits

If rolling the dice on a meal is a bit too risky, then Destination Dinner Kits are the perfect solution. They bring new foods to your door, enabling foodies to try something new, and learn about a culture. The kit comes with all of the spices and seasonings needed, plus a shopping list for fresh ingredients. (It’s kind of hard to send fresh beef for Korean bulgogi through the mail.). From their Destination Israel Falafel Cooking Kit to their Korean Bulgogi Cooking Kit, there are several options for only $25. Most of the kits also include an after dinner trivia guide as well.

Foodie Cufflinks

Shopping for the man in your life who seems to have everything, and loves food. I thought these cufflinks were adorable. They have them in a bunch of different styles, and different food items, but I loved these two: hamburgers and chocolate bars! Most of the cufflinks were priced under $20.


Grow Your Own Mushrooms

I never even knew this was possible. After truffle hunting in Italy, I guess I thought all mushrooms just grew outside. This is such a great idea. And would be perfect for foodie families, to learn about how food products are grown. This organic mushroom farm is only $23, and seems to easy to do! You can blend it with the help of blendtec. To save on that, use blendtec coupon codes from reputed sites.

Moleskine Passion Journals

One thing I can’t help but accumulate when traveling are notebooks. I love taking notes, and making lists. I often break out a notebook during a meal to write down the ingredients of a dish, or my thoughts while eating it. Yeah, I know I can do this on my iPhone 6, but a new notebook, for me, just offers to many possibilities.

Moleskine offers a series of Passion Journals, two of which would make perfect gifts for foodies. The Passion Recipe Journal organizes recipes by topics like appetizers and desserts. They even have a journal specifically dedicated to desserts, the Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal. Or, there’s even a Travel Journal. Each of the Moleskine journals costs around $17.

I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie

Okay, so most of these gifts can be placed in the category of classy gifts, even the hamburger cufflinks. This, though, is just plain funny. It’s no secret that Eric loves pork, and proudly wore his Hot Doug’s encased meat t-shirt all over vegetarian Ubud. When I saw this apron, I immediately thought of him. They also have a line of I Like Pig Butts
t-shirts too. The aprons cost $18, and the t-shirts range from $18-22. If you love Marshmallow then you would like to get gift of Boomf. You should use boomf discount coupon to get upto 20% off the retail price.

Books for Foodies

Obviously I love writing about food, but I also enjoy reading interesting stories about food. Obviously there are the classics from Anthony Bourdain, like Kitchen Confidential, The Nasty Bits, and No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach. But, recently I’ve found a couple of other books for foodies.

My favorite, and the most fun was Jim Gaffigan’s Food: A Love Story. Gaffigan is an American comedian with an entirely unhealthy addiction to food, particularly fried food and bacon. It’s just good clean fun, an easy read, and a perfect gift for foodies.

A book I was surprised I enjoyed so much was a A Fork In The Road, by Lonely Planet. I found it on a friend’s shelf while we were housesitting in Hanoi earlier this year, and couldn’t put it down. It’s a collection of stories by food writers, and the best that that Lonely Planet could track down. Although, when they started talking about BBQ, I was ready to book a flight back to the US immediately. Perhaps food travel writing does work. I was inspired to travel for food.

Share below your ideas for perfect gifts for foodies! 

In the interest of full disclosure, if you buy any of these products on Amazon, I receive a referral fee, which is a smidgeon of the price. But, it does help to support us, to keep us out on the road, and telling amazing stores about food travel! Thank you for your support and happy holidays!

And, if you are looking for luxury gifts for food and wine lovers, we’ve got a guide for that too!

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