Gin Gift Set Reviews – The Best Gin Set for Gin Lovers

I love gin. I never used to. It’s been a recent addiction obsession. Since moving to Girona, we’ve also been starting our own collection of gin glasses, gin accessories, and other gin-related items. We are totally stocked up. But, not every gin lover is. Here, we offer a review of the best gin set for gin lovers. And, because a gin gift set isn’t the only kind of gin gift, we also offer recommendations for other gifts for gin lovers.

Just thinking about the top gin gifts reminds me of a one of the best gin quotes:

The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire. – Sir Winston Churchill

I am certain that Churchill was referring to saving Englishmen in India from malaria. But, I like to think that our gin and tonic drinking in Girona is keeping us sane. When it comes to gin presents for gin lovers, you to can make someone happy by giving a little bit of gin love.

Many of our gin drinkers gifts that are recommended here can be purchased on Amazon. I love the ease of purchasing on Amazon, because you get really fast delivery (if you are a Prime member) and free returns. We even use Prime in Spain!

Best Gin Set for Gin Lovers


Buying Guide – The Best Gin Gifts

In this gin gift set buying guide, we offer up loads of great recommendations for gin and tonic gifts for gin lovers. Each of the gifts we recommend are reviewed in more detail below. But, if you want to cut right to the chase, or are stuck for a last minute gin gift idea, we offer this buying guide chart with some of our top ideas for presents for gin lovers.

 Gin GiftCategoryPrice FromBuy Now
Gin and Tonic Gift Set - Botanicals and SpicesGin Tasting Set$90
Molecule-R Gin & Tonic Molecular Mixology Tool SetGin Tasting Set$29
Te Tonic Gin Tonic Gift Infusion KitGin Infusions$25
Real Homemade Gin KitGin Making Kit$36
DIY Botanical Blend Gin Making KitGin Making Kit$35
W&P Carry on Cocktail Kit - Gin & TonicMini Gin Gift Set$15

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The Top Gin Gift Set Ideas

There are all sorts of gin gifts that can be characterized as gin gift sets or a gin and tonic gift set. These include gifts that help aid in gin tastings, as well as gin glasses, gin infusion sets, and more. There are some restrictions on shipping alcohol in the US (which are described below), so most gin gift ideas actually don’t end up including the actual gin bottles in the gift. But, that just means there is an opportunity to get more creative and to give more personalized gin gifts.

Gin Tasting Set

This gin botanicals set is one of my favorites. I just imaging that anyone opening this gin gift box ends up with a huge smile on their face. This is more than just a gin garnish set too. This Gin and Tonic Premium Gift Box contains all sorts of botanicals and garnishes to make the perfect gin and tonic. And, it includes a twister, or braided spoon, to help make every gin and tonic taste amazing!

Or, how about a molecular gastronomy influenced gin and tonic making kit. This takes cocktail making to the next level, inspired by the cuisine of Ferran Adria and Joan Roca. It includes everything needed to make all sorts of cool chemistry-style experiments, like spherification and fruit based “caviar.” This is next-gen stuff!

Gin Infusions Gift Sets

Gin infusions are super popular right now. Because one of the best things about gin is the fact that the flavor varies so much from gin to gin, and what you add to a gin can make it taste so much more interesting. Te Tonic offers a Gin Tonic Gift 24 Infusion Kit. Essentially, the gin infusions are stored in individual gin tea bags. The kit comes with instructions for a no-fuss, fun way to drink gin and tonics.

Te Tonic also makes a mega gin infusion gift set that comes with additional botanicals, and can be used for hosting gin tasting parties. This gin infusion set comes in a fancy gin gift box too.

Not to be too girly, but if looking for “gin gifts for her” there are also gin infusion sets that let gin lovers end up with the super-trend pink gin. In this case, the gin is infused with raspberry to make it pink. Check out this Gin Tonic Raspberry Infusions gift set, which even comes in a cute little box, all to make the perfect pink gin.

Just a note: gin infusion sets are different than gin botanicals. Botanicals are sort of like a garnish for a gin cocktail. Infusions are meant to do just that, infuse the gin. They take longer to work, and often will change the color of the gin. We saw this first hand at the Ritz Bar in Lisbon, with their saffron infused gin and tonic.

Gin Making Set

What if infusing gin isn’t enough for the gin lover on your list? Or you have a gin lover who has dabbled with home brewing, or making their own wine, then maybe they want to test out making gin at home. An at-home gin kit is one of the most unique gin gifts. This Gin Making Gift Set has to be one of my favorite gin gifts on this list. This DIY gin making kit has everything needed to make traditional gin and tonics at home, with uniquely flavored gins, based on the maker’s tastes and preferences. The gin box also comes with an illustrated guide on how to make personalized gin at home.

This is another DIY Botanical Blend Gin Making Kit that is super cute too. Whether called vintage or retro, you can’t deny how fun the name is: Hoochefusion! This is a little more simple than the gin making kit above, but it definitely gets points for creative design!

Miniature Gin Gift Set

If looking for a mini gin set, like for a Secret Santa, a Stocking Stuffer, or Hostess gift, one option is a carry-on miniature gin gift set. It’s simply adorable. This W&P Carry on Cocktail Kit allows travelers, in air, or on the ground, to make their own craft gin and tonic. The miniature gin set includes everything but the glass and the gin. It’s all packaged in a retro metal tin.

Other Unusual Gin Gifts 

While researching this gin gift guide I came across some novelty gin gifts that I just had to share. Some of them, I want to order for myself. This includes the always funny “If you can read this, bring me a gin and tonic” socks. It’s funny because as I write this, my feet are up on the coffee table, and Eric just brought me a gin and tonic, garnished with fresh cucumber and grapefruit peel. Or, how about a little play on the gin obsession with a water bottle that reads “This is probably gin“!

Another unique gin selection is this SEEDLIP Non-Alcoholic Gin. I was skeptical the first time I heard of non-alcoholic gin, but I found this to be amazing. It smells just like “real” gin, and has the best botanicals even without the alcohol. And, I will admit there are nights where I’ve finished off two gin and tonics at home, and would love a third. A SEEDLIP gin would be the perfect option to let me enjoy the flavor of a gin, without the hangover.

*This post contains compensated links. Find more info in my DISCLAIMER.

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Best Gin Gift Set

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