Czech Goats

Most of our blog posts focus on food and culinary travel, with perhaps some posts related to wine travel, or luxury travel thrown in. It’s just the nature of our niche, and how we like to travel. But, sometimes we have an experience that falls just outside our niche that we just have to share. When we spent time in a barn on a farm in Moravia and hung with some Czech goats, this is just the type of story to share.

In this case, we visited Jáňův dvůr, a goat cheese farm and homestay just outside of Mikulov, where we were exploring the Czech wine scene. Yes, goat cheese falls within our culinary travel niche. And, we tasted some extremely fresh goat cheese, less than three days old, along with some local wine.

Czech Wine

But, much like when we visited a buffalo cheese farm in Langkawi, showing photos of the finished product just did not do the experience justice. As a result, I published a post entirely about cute buffalos. And, trust me, they were cute!

Similarly, when we hung out with a goat in a kitchen in Catalunya, we had to share that story as well. Most of these stories are solely driven by a series of animal photos, or in the last case, a single goat photo.

Perhaps I have a thing for goats.

Enter: The Czech Goats

Czech Goats After we tasted the goat cheese, and drank the wine, we got to hang with the Czech goats. We entered the barn, and they all came running towards us. At first, it was a little overwhelming. They swarmed around us, and as I tried not to step in a mountain of goat poop, I also wanted to snap some photos, and be able to pet a few Czech goats.

I recognize that they were rubbing all over us in search of food. I knew they were not professing their #GoatLove towards the new traveling strangers.

Czech Goats

Czech Goats

And, yes, we got up close and personal with these Czech goats. Sometimes a little too close. I felt their beady little eyes were looking straight through me.

Czech Goats

The Goat Selfie

Of course, Facebook and Instagram are loaded with animal selfies. And, I understand that it is not a great idea to coerce a Thai Tiger to take a selfie. But, I really wanted one goat selfie. A task harder than I anticipated. I needed to crouch down, hold my balance, hold the phone in one hand, and wait for the perfect time to snap a photo. How do you think it came out?

Czech Goats

This perfect goat selfie was taken just after my little goat friend stuck his entire wet nose in my ear. But, I have to love him anyway.

I did a lot better taking a photo of Eric with a goat instead.

Czech Goats

All in all, it was a fabulous experience hanging with the Czech goats. One problem: it made me crave more #GoatLove.

Check out our Video of hanging with Czech Goats, it’s ADORABLE!

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We were supported by Visit Czech Republic, South Moravia, and JayWay Travel, who offers customized tours of the Czech Republic and all of Central and Eastern Europe. Of course, all opinions, and yummy sounds, are my own. While in Mikulov, we stayed at the Hotel Galant, a conference hotel in the heart of Mikulov, with its own wine cellar and brewery.

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