The Costa Brava Food Travel Guide

The Costa Brava Food Travel Guide

In 2015, we traveled to the Costa Brava for the first time. We spent a few days on an extreme eating tour of the Costa Brava, and, well, instantly fell in love.

In the middle of 2017, we said farewell to the nomadic lifestyle, and decided to make Girona our home. I mean, any region where we found ourselves hanging with a chef and a goat in his home kitchen, yeah, that sounds like a place for us.

Of course, it’s been a transition, just learning to understand the rules about when to eat in Catalonia. But, it’s worth it. Because Catalonia, and the Costa Brava, has some of the best foods to eat in Europe!

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What to Eat in The Costa Brava

What to Eat in Catalonia

I asked a Catalan chef, who trained at ElBulli, how do you define Catalan cuisine. His answer surprised me. Unlike in Emilia Romagna, Italy, where tradition reigns surprise, in Catalonia, it’s all about inspiration. Yes, there are very strong traditions in the region. The Costa Brava food travel scene revolves around rice, suquet, and traditional seafood dishes.

But, more than anything, it’s about taking local ingredients and doing something amazing with them, based on traditional techniques, international flavors, and the influence of local chefs.

There are numerous unique culinary experiences in the Costa Brava. I am only scratching the surface here. We are in the process of publishing our Food Traveler’s Guide to The Costa Brava (coming soon!). Sign up for our newsletter to learn when the book will be available for sale.

DO Emporda Wine Tourism

Costa Brava Wine Guide

Emporda Wine Tourism

We love wine. It’s as simple as that. But most of our time writing about wine has been about the lesser known wine regions of Europe. Sure, we’ve written a bit about Bordeaux. But, a lot of what we’ve written about when it comes to wine tourism focuses on boutique wine regions. 

One of the reasons why we moved to the Costa Brava was because we fell in love with the wine, the wineries, and yes, even a little bit with the wine makers! There is even a very traditional way of drinking wine in Catalunya. 

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Michelin Star Restaurants In The Costa Brava

Michelin Star Restaurants

With 16 restaurants scoring a total of 20 Michelin Stars, the Costa Brava offers no shortage of luxury dining opportunities. One of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, El Celler de Can Roca, is only a 20 minute walk from our apartment in Girona.

We had merely a taste of El Celler de Can Roca during our first trip to the Costa Brava. We arrived just weeks after it was named the number one restaurant in the world. Since that time, we’ve experienced the full Can Roca tasting menu.

Can Roca is merely one of the restaurants on the Michelin Star Trail in the Costa Brava, and just one of the unforgettable luxury experiences in the region.

There are two 2 Michelin Star restaurants in the Costa Brava as well, outside of Girona, including Miramar by Chef Paco Pérez in Llançà in the Alt Emporda and Les Cols by Chef Fina Puigdevall in Olot in the Pyrenees.

Where to Stay in the Costa Brava

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where to stay in the costa brava

Where to Stay in the Costa Brava

There are a few options for accomodations when traveling in the Costa Brava. There are a handful of properties run by Western hotel chains, particularly in Girona. But, for the most part, independent hotels rule.

As much as there are lovely hotels, particularly along the seaside, hotels are not as common in the Costa Brava as they are in other seaside locales. The primary hotel alternative in the Costa Brava is apartment and villa rentals. Rentals often have their own kitchen, living area, and some of the more luxury properties will offer a pool with amazing views over the coast.

Another option for places to stay in the Costa Brava are the agriturismo-style accommodations, the farmhouses that are sprinkled through the Empordà region. In Catalonia, these are known as a casa rural

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