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chicken rice

Singaporean Chicken Rice

If you ask a Singaporean how to eat chicken rice, they will tell you the right way.  If you ask 10 Singaporeans how to eat chicken rice, they will tell you 10 different ways – all of them right.  More specifically, Hainanese chicken rice is a whole chicken boiled in a large pot.  Then the rice itself is cooked in the same water, soaking in all of the meat flavor.  Tender and juicy, there is not a ton of flavor from the chicken itself, as it is subtle.  Instead, the flavor comes from the condiments that are served alongside – chili sauce and a sweet soy sauce.  Everyone has their view on the perfect combination of condiments to make the chicken come alive, and apparently, they are all right!

Where to eat: Tien Tien chicken rice is the place everyone says to go to, at Maxwell Road hawker center, just outside of the heart of Chinatown.  Long lines, and made famous by an Anthony Bourdain visit, most hawker centers have great chicken rice, at low prices, without the long line.

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