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We’ve traveled to Vietnam so many times, we’ve lost count. During our first trip in 2009, we explored the country, from South to North, spending time in Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne, Hoi An, Da Nang, Hanoi, and more. But, we also spent time in a small town called Dong Ha, in Quang Tri Province, just south of the former DMZ. While in Dong Ha, we volunteered to help teach English. And, this is when Vietnam touched our hearts.

We’ve returned to the country so many times since then, and even considered moving there for awhile. Why? The people, the countryside, but most importantly the food. The food in Vietnam, particularly the Hanoi street food is some of the best, most fresh, most unique cuisine in Southeast Asia.

Learning How to Make Pho

How to Make Pho

I can’t really remember when I first tasted pho in Vietnam. I imagine it was some time in 2009, during our first trip, and most likely in Saigon. Since that time, though, I have been infatuated with the concept of pho, most notably in eating as much pho as possible while in Vietnam. But, I have always been curious how to make pho.

Eating Snake in Vietnam

snake in Vietnam

Not many people can say that Dong Ha, Vietnam, is their second home. Nor can many people say that they have traveled to a city like Dong Ha five times. It is one of the most unique places that we have been to so many times. It is no surprise then that when were greeted back to Dong Ha we were invited to eat snake in Vietnam for the first time. Welcome to Dong Ha.

The Perfect Cooking Class in Hanoi

Cooking Class Hanoi

But I thought I had some knowledge on the topic. I understand the basics of pho and bun cha, and even know some food words in Vietnamese. The ingredients, and how to cook some of the most iconic Vietnamese foods, though, remained elusive. That is, until we attended a cooking class in Hanoi.

The Culture of Drinking in Vietnam – Part 1

During one of our first trips to Vietnam, we decided to open a western restaurant in little Dong Ha, Vietnam.  A dream of our good friends, Tam and Hai, who both wanted a Western owned restaurant in the town.  We considered their request, sort of seriously.  While at a restaurant in Hanoi with white paper […]

Propaganda and Vietnam War History in Quang Tri

During our prior three visits to central Vietnam, I avoided much of the tourism focused on the Vietnam War history in Quang Tri.  There is something strange, to me, about using the war as a tourist attraction.  But, after seeing so much of the region, and spending a day with the Mines Advisory Group learning […]

You Know You’re in Southeast Asia When…

You Know You’re in Southeast Asia

There are certain things I simply love about Southeast Asia.  Even with the diversity among the various countries, and even though we have not seen it all (Philippines, Borneo, East Timor), there are things that I noticed during our time in Kuala Lumpur, Myanmar, and Bali, Indonesia, that reminded me of our past travels through […]