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Singapore Travel Blog: A review of Singapore travel tips, including where and what to eat in Singapore.

We just love Singapore. It’s a perfect melting pot of Malay, Indian, and Chinese cultures and cuisines. And, after spending about 18 months living in the craziness of Bangkok, it’s also orderly. IT offers a respite from the craziness that is Bangkok.

Singapore is clean and orderly, yes, but has an extensive culinary history. The Singapore hawker centers are like outdoor food courts, but unlike the traditional food markets of Bangkok or even Kuala Lumpur. Instead, the hawker centers are clean, and most important tasty, offering Singaporean chicken rice, dim sum, BBQ stingray, laksa, and other specialities.

And, Singapore is a shopper’s paradise as well, and is home to dozens of high-end shopping centers, with more food options and entertainment. Much of it is connected through underground passageways and walkways to avoid the heat.

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10 Worst Cocktails

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