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The With Husband In Tow Food Travel Guide with advice on where and what to eat around the world.

What is a Food Travel Blog?

There are travel blogs. There are food blogs. Travel blogs provide stories and tips on how to travel. Food blogs tend to focus on the food in a few destinations, maybe a particularly city, often times they focus on recipes, or restaurant reviews.

With Husband In Tow is a food travel blog, and as part of that I want to share a series of food travel guides. So, what does that mean?

Food travel is a different way to travel. It’s exploring a culture through its food. It’s a way to travel for food. It’s searching for the perfect food tour. It’s planning your journey as a food trip.

We travel on our stomachs, and as a result, have eaten a lot of food all around the world. We aim to find the best we can in a foodie destination. We try to learn from the food we eat and the people we meet.

How to Cook Beef Rendang

How to Cook Beef Rendang

I always wondered how to cook beef rendang, the famous spicy beef that is ubiquitous in Indonesia and Malaysia. During our cooking class in Langkawi, Cook With Shuk, we were able to learn how to cook beef rendang, even if it was a speedy version of the generally slow cooked dish.

Learning How to Make Pho

How to Make Pho

I can’t really remember when I first tasted pho in Vietnam. I imagine it was some time in 2009, during our first trip, and most likely in Saigon. Since that time, though, I have been infatuated with the concept of pho, most notably in eating as much pho as possible while in Vietnam. But, I have always been curious how to make pho.

Eating Snake in Vietnam

snake in Vietnam

Not many people can say that Dong Ha, Vietnam, is their second home. Nor can many people say that they have traveled to a city like Dong Ha five times. It is one of the most unique places that we have been to so many times. It is no surprise then that when were greeted back to Dong Ha we were invited to eat snake in Vietnam for the first time. Welcome to Dong Ha.