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Travel tips and advice for bloggers and digital nomads, and for people taking RTW, or around the world trips as well as advice for expats. Advice for expat travelers, and long-term travelers.

We’ve taken two of what we would call RTW trips, or around the world trips. The first, in 2009, involved more of a typical RTW itinerary. We planned ahead, and although we didn’t purchase an around the world ticket, we planned much of the trip before leaving the US. We felt that around the world flights tied us down a little bit too much. Besides, in many areas, like Europe and Southeast Asia, it’s pretty easy to book cheaper flights on discount airlines, even last minute.

What we wanted was an opportunity to travel the world, for an extended period of time, longer than we could by accumulating two weeks of vacation time a year. And, we want to help others do the same, to be able to explore the world, slowly.

Another 5 Things I Have Learned After Living in Bali

Living in Bali

After a little more than two months in Bali, Indonesia, I had some strong opinions about the place, which I shared in 5 Things I Have Learned After “Living” in Bali.  Now that our total time in Ubud is closing in on five months, I have minimally removed the quotations around the word living, which […]