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Parmigiano Reggiano – Visiting a Cheese Maker in Italy

cheese maker in Italy

I wondered if we were the only people driving around Emilia Romagna with a giant hunk of cheese in our trunk. In a region that is so passionate about food, though, I highly doubted we were alone in our cheese transport, straight from a cheese maker in Italy. It’s no secret that I love cheese, and […]

Gavioli Wine Museum in Nonantola

I often make it known that we are not museum people. We tend to skip most, if not all, “must see” museums in every town or city we travel through. Many people criticize us for this, saying we are missing something, or not learning from history. But, we know what we like and what we […]

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar – Balsamico di Modena

Emilia Romagna Italy

I’ve always loved balsamic vinegar.  Not just the stuff to add to a salad, but the thicker, aged traditional balsamic vinegar that I learned to drip over a nice parmagiano cheese.  I thought I was pretty fancy, learning this little trick.  I thought I was pretty cultured and worldly, understanding the difference between lesser quality […]

Why Food in Emilia Romagna is So Good – DOP and IGP

DOP and IGP Products

The slow food movement is taking off all over the world. People are talking about the concept of farm to table cuisine and attempting to learn about where their food comes from. There is a growing appreciation for what goes into quality food. In Emilia Romagna, Italy, though, they have been concerned about farm to table […]

Lunch With an Italian Winemaker – Corte d’Aibo

Emilia Romagna Italy

I never imagined I would be sitting down for an amazing meal, at an organic winery, in the foothills of Bologna, to have lunch with an Italian winemaker. But, that is exactly what Yummy Italy organized during our day touring Emilia Romagna.

We pulled up to Corte d’Aibo, after a winding drive through the hills south of Bologna. The organic vineyard includes a series of buildings, including an old farmhouse that has been turned into an agritourismo, complete with guest rooms. The property overlooks vineyards, wheat fields, and fruit trees. On one side lies a biolake, a freshwater pool with a natural filtration system. On the other side, a rustic farmhouse restaurant, with a wrap around porch, overlooking the hillside.

Making Gelato in Italy

gelato in Italy

One of the things I loved about Italy during our early trips – GELATO.  All around me.  Loads of it.  In bright colors.  All for next to nothing.  Families enjoying gelato in Italy on a Sunday afternoon.  Couples strolling arm in arm with a cone of gelato, sharing each other’s flavors. Then, I realized everything […]

Why We Spent Two Weeks Touring Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna Italy

We are not newbies to Italy travel.  In fact, before this trip, we had been to over 15 cities and towns in Italy, from Rome to Milan to Venice, and loads of small towns in between.  It is a place that has captured our hearts and our imaginations for years. But, we had never spent […]