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Being a Tourist in Athens – It’s All Greek to Me

This is a joke that just did not get old, at least with us, during our time being a tourist in Athens.  It may annoy the Greeks, and it may be passé, but for us, it was truly our experience in Athens, Greece.  It’s All Greek to Me. Yes, I had that many problems with […]

Climbing the Acropolis – The Plight of Perpetual Travelers

Climbing the Acropolis

So, now is where you judge me, and write mean comments, telling me that I am nothing more than an over-entitled, over-traveled, and ungrateful person.  Or worse. Go ahead, I can take it.  It is just that at some point I stopped being impressed, or wowed, by some of the most popular sites in the […]

Living Like Locals in Athens

living like locals in Athens

After spending five nights at the Civitel hotel in northern Athens, and being left exhausted by a very long three days of TBEX, a travel bloggers’ conference, and in preparation for our 20 hour journey home to Bali, we needed a break. We had three nights to fill before we left Greece and knew that […]

Eating With The Locals – Alternative Athens

Eating With The Locals

We may not be into seeking out the best museums or spend hours touring historical sites, but when it comes to learning about a city, and a culture, we tend to look straight to its food.  What kind of ingredients are used?  How is the food prepared?  What are the dining habits of the local […]