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With Husband In Tow is a food and travel blog that provides advice and tips on what to eat and where to eat in when traveling. This includes restaurant recommendations and advice on where to stay when traveling.

In the Caribbean, our travel tips focus on Cuba and Jamaica. Cuba is an up-and-coming destination and it’s important to review travel tips before traveling there. Jamaica is a well-known and well-traveled destination. We try to provide recommendations on what to do in Jamaica outside of the all-inclusive resorts. This includes recommendations for top JAmaica resorts and a review of the top Jamaican dishes to eat when traveling to Jamaica.

Walking Down Memory Lane – The 10 Worst Cocktails Ever

10 Worst Cocktails

I’ve been throwing a lot of stuff up on the blog recently, from guest posts called Where Did You Sleep Last Night, to posts about yoga, and the three part series on Nyepi.  You have been hearing me talk about our clean living in the blog since we arrived in Ubud a year ago, about […]

Interacting With The Locals In Havana Cuba

Locals in Havana

Often times we are jaded as tourists.  We are defensive.  We are used to being attacked by aggressive touts, and are always worried about being suckers – getting robbed, being the victim of a scam.  In Havana, Cuba, we noticed immediately how “nice” people were.  It confused us.  Were these nice people genuinely nice, or […]