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Traveling Labels – Flashpacker versus Backpacker


I just have never identified myself with the traditional backpackers.  In my mind, backpackers have top loading backpacks, filled about 8 inches above their head.  They hunker down in dorm rooms at hostels seeking out the absolute cheapest accommodations possible. They subsist on peanut butter sandwiches and spaghetti cooked in the hostel kitchen.  They are […]

You Know You’re in Southeast Asia When…

You Know You’re in Southeast Asia

There are certain things I simply love about Southeast Asia.  Even with the diversity among the various countries, and even though we have not seen it all (Philippines, Borneo, East Timor), there are things that I noticed during our time in Kuala Lumpur, Myanmar, and Bali, Indonesia, that reminded me of our past travels through […]