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10 Things I Hate About Southeast Asia

Hate about Southeast Asia

We’ve been in Asia awhile.  More specifically, we have been in Southeast Asia for quite some time.  Perhaps too long.  We arrived in Kuala Lumpur in February of 2013, thrilled to have escaped Central America.  We felt instantly like we were home.  And, here I am, writing the ten things I hate about Southeast Asia. […]

How to Travel Like Anthony Bourdain

Travel Like Anthony Bourdain

I have been watching travel TV shows for years, looking for inspiration, living vicariously through the hosts. I remember spending the weekends in the basement of our Chicago condo while planning our first round the world trip, watching GlobeTrekker, Samantha Brown, Rick Steves, and Anthony Bourdain. No Reservations was like no other travel show on TV at the time, and I knew I wanted to travel like Anthony Bourdain.

How to Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Dim sum in Hong Kong

What legitimate travel blogger, and international eater, doesn’t have their go to, local place to eat dim sum in Hong Kong?  Well, we certainly do.  We found it during our first trip in 2009, and have been back every trip to Hong Kong since then (and sometimes more than once). Although, in interest of full […]

Review of Air China Business Class – A330

Air China Business Class

I was not expecting much from Air China business class, which is why I am surprised that they still failed to satisfy my expectations. It was disappointing because we had such a great tip to Taiwan. There are so many great things to do in Taipei (and to eat as well). We were flying on […]

9 Tips for How to Survive Long Term Travel as a Couple Without Killing Each Other

Travel as a Couple

Eric and I had been married almost seven years, when we escaped for a round the world trip in 2009.  People cracked jokes about us hitting the Seven Year Itch while spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week together, often in stressful situations.  We all wondered whether we would come back in one […]

Etihad Airways Business Class on Jet Airways Aircraft!

Etihad Business Class Jet Airways

What goes up must come down.  Good things don’t last forever. I am sure there are more metaphors, but I was amazed at how quickly our customer service experience with Etihad Airways soured.  At least they waited until our second flight.  After attentive customer service while on the ground in Amman, due to some Twitter […]

How to Fly Air Asia Island Transfer Service


We are Air Asia frequent fliers.  We have gotten some great deals on flights.  I was surprised, however, to hear about the Air Asia Island Transfer Service, which allows you to pay for a flight, bus ticket, and ferry, all at once to help you get to various islands throughout Thailand.  Although a little hesitant to […]