The Best Wine Clubs – How to Find the Perfect Wine Subscriptions

One of the best parts of our wine tasting trips to California was the chance to find new wines. Many of these wines we couldn’t find at our local Whole Foods or wine shop. And, when we found wines we really enjoyed, we joined their wine club. I loved the excitement of receiving a monthly wine box. Sometimes, with a few of the top wine clubs, we signed up for quarterly shipments. The best wine clubs shipped fancy sparkling wines over the holidays.

Whether you are looking for the best wine subscription out there to help fill your home wine cellar, or you are looking for the best wine of the month club to give as a gift, we’ve got the best options.

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The Best Wine Clubs - How to Find the Perfect Wine Subscription

What is a Wine Subscription?

A wine subscription can include monthly or quarterly shipments of wine direct to your home or office. They vary in the number of bottles shipped, and the price per shipment. Some wine subscriptions include just the wine bottles, some include wine and food pairings, and some are shipped as wine gift baskets.

In this post, we share wine of the month club reviews for various wine companies that all ship to the US. These are not necessarily the places to buy cheap wine online. Instead, the one thing that each of these wine clubs has in common is that they search for great wine to ship regularly to wine lovers. And, that is what counts.

Some of the best wine subscriptions can be purchased as wine gifts, or can even be purchased for yourself, to celebrate your own wine appreciation. And most of these online wine shops include options for wine gifts as well. Overall, we are including some of the best monthly wine clubs out there.

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Reviews of the Best Wine Clubs

We are including all types of wine memberships in our review. Some of the below companies offer wine club gift options, which are perfect for simple gifts for friends, family, or work colleagues. Other companies offer wine of the month clubs or monthly wine subscription options that are for true wine lovers. For people who are looking to learn more about wine, or who host regular wine tastings.

Winc Wine Club Membership

Best Wine Clubs and Wine Subscription

Winc is changing the world of club wine. Gone are old stuffy wine clubs. They’ve been replaced by unique, young, hip Winc.

Winc asks 6 starter questions to determine each wine member’s palate preferences. Then, Winc matches their wines with the drinker’s palate. Each month, Winc ships the wines. Members rate each bottle in the monthly wine delivery to further fine tune future shipments. They even offer credits towards future wine orders when members refer Winc to their friends.

Wines: International wine selection from top wine countries, from California to France, from Argentina to South Africa. Membership is adjusted for your wine drinking tastes. Or, wine membership can be given as a gift.

Duration of Wine Club Membership: Shipment is monthly. It can be cancelled or skipped free of charge, at any time.

Price Range: Individual bottles start at $13, or members can upgrade to Winc Select for more premium wines. Each case of wine earns a 10% discount.

Delivery: To US only. Enter a zip code to determine if they deliver to that location. They ship to about 40 states.

Pros: WINC offers free shipping on all overs over 4 bottles. Very personalized offerings. And, satisfaction is guaranteed. Never pay for a bottle you don’t actually enjoy drinking.

Cons: Because the wine club offers wines that are so unique, chances are you won’t recognize the wines they choose. But, that’s part of the fun of an online wine club.


Sign up for WINC and Receive $20 off the first order.

Wine Down – Wine and Cheese Club

Best Wine Clubs and Wine Subscriptions Wine Down takes the love of wine and matches it with charcuterie. Each monthly box includes a bottle of carefully selected wine, along with paired cheese and cured meats. They promise to get members out of their wine rut, and introduce them to unique, artisan Californian wines.

It’s also possible to order Wind Down as a wine subscription gift. Each month, Wine Down ships a wine, along with paired cheese, meats, and crackers, and a wine pairing sheet.

Wines: Limited production California wines, including reds and whites.

Duration of Wine Club Membership: Wine club subscription options include 1, 3, 6, and 12 month options. The longer the subscription the lower the monthly price.

Price Range: Wine and cheese subscriptions range from $63-$70 per month, depending on the length of the wine subscription.

Delivery: Ships to about 40 states in the U.S.

Pros: Biggest pro? Cheese. Each monthly shipment includes a pairing sheet to explain why the wine is paired with that particular meat and cheese.

Cons: Each box only includes one bottle of wine, making it more abut the food and wine pairing than wine collecting or tasting. But, that makes it unique from other wine club deals.


Sign up for Wind Down Wine and Cheese of the Month Club starting at $63 a month.

The California Wine Club 

Douro Valley Wine Tourism


The California Wine Club likes to emphasize the “The” in their names, saying they are not just any wine club. Well, in part, that is true because their wine club offerings, even if focusing on California, are pretty vast. They offer all kinds of wines, in every budget.

Each month, The California Wine Club offers hand selected wine choices, which are shipped along with Uncorked, their guide to that month’s wines. It’s possible to subscribe for yourself, or to set up a certain number of months as a wine of the month club gift. And, they offer a “Love It Guarantee.”

Wines: As much as this wine club is called the California Wine Club, they don’t limit their shipments to only California wine. Although most of their wine membership levels focus on California wines, they also have an international wine club, and one focused on the Pacific Northwest including Oregon wines and Washington state wines.

Duration of Wine Club Membership: No minimum. No maximum. They say many of their members have been with them for 7 years though!

Price Range: Deliveries range from $40 a month to $230 a month. The more expensive wine membership includes aged Cabernets, which are more expensive in general. It’s also possible to buy one-off wine bottles as well, normally at a discount.

Delivery: Ships to US addresses.

Pros: Every wine is 100% guaranteed. If there is a problem with the wine, they will ship a replacement. And, they will work with you to customize each membership, or monthly wine gift.

Cons: The website might be a little difficult to navigate, which is why we included the handy table for easy access! See below.


Start your California Wine Membership now, or save 50% off of your first 3 month wine club shipments.

Because The California Wine Club offers several different options, it helps to understand each of their wine club levels.

Wine Club LevelPrice Starting AtDescriptionNumber of BottlesFrequencySee It!
Premier Series$40 + ShippingArtisan, small batch California wines2 Bottles Per Month (1 White & 1 Red, or 2 Reds or 2 Whites)Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly Product Reviews
Signature Series$122 + ShippingFor collectors, it includes the highest-rated California wines (90+ Points)2, 3 or 4 Bottles Per MonthMonthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly Product Reviews
International Wine Series$87 + ShippingArtisan wines from across the world (France, Germany, Australia, Argentina, & South Africa)2 Bottles Per Month (1 White & 1 Red, or 2 Reds)Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly Product Reviews
Aged Cabernet Series$231 + ShippingIncludes prestigious Napa Valley Cabernets, aged 8-12 years2 Bottles Per MonthMonthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly Product Reviews
Pacific Northwest Series$92 + ShippingArtisan wines from Oregon and Washington's best family wineries2 Bottles Per Month (1 White & 1 Red, or 2 Reds)Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly Product Reviews
Case Club Series$159 + ShippingArtisan wines predominantly from California, but also some from Oregon and Washington, with savings of up to 50% off

12 Bottles Per Month, Reds, Whites, or Combination (3 bottles each of 4 different wines)Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly Product Reviews

Wired For Wine – 90+ Wine Club

The Best Wine Clubs - How to Find the Perfect Wine Subscription

The folks at Wired For Wine call themselves foodies at heart. Their goal is to put together a curated selection of acclaimed wines that can be enjoyed with a great meal. They also offer spirits and gifts and wine accessories.

Their mail order wine club ships quarterly and includes 12 bottles a month, making it one of the best wine clubs to join from a value perspective. Membership includes tasting notes along with serving suggestions for each wine shipped. And, they offer very specific food and wine pairing suggestions for that specific bottle, not just the varietal in general.

Wines: All of the wines earned 90+ wine ratings from wine experts. Shipments can include all reds, all whites, or a mix of white and red wine club. They also sneak in some rose wine and sparkling wine too.

Duration of Wine Club Membership: Membership continues until you cancel it. Cancellations are possible until 7 days prior to your next shipment. All shipments are mailed quarterly, and are shipped the 1st week of each quarter.

Price Range: All quarterly wine shipments are $169.97 per quarter.

Delivery: Each wine subscription box comes with free shipping. And, they will send email or text notifications of shipments to make sure you can sign for the shipment.

Pros: Wired For Wine is more of a wine tasting club for serious wine lovers. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Cons: It’s not clear whether Wired For Wine offers wine delivery gift options, without invoices and such.


Sign up for Wired for Wine and receive between 30% and 70% off, plus free shipping!

Winecrasher – 89+ Point

best wine clubs and wine subscriptions

Winecrasher is pretty similar to Wired for Wine, in that their tasting club offers only wines rated at least 89+ points. Their wines are generally rated by Robert Parker or Wine Spectator.

The difference is in their philosophy. Their focus is on getting the best wine for the best value. When purchasing individual wine bottles from their online wine store, they offer crash wine pricing for all types of wine. These are essentially wine sales, allowing people to buy wine online without the fuss of going to a wine warehouse. The twist, the wine labels are not seen until after a wine purchase. It’s a unique wine philosophy for sure!

Wines: All wines are rated at least 89+ points. And, they guarantee their pricing.

Duration of Wine Club Membership: Winecrasher’s fine wine club can be cancelled anytime via email.

Price Range: Wine club monthly delivery ranges from $49.99 to $109.99 plus shipping.

Delivery: Shipping is only $5 to California, and $9.99 for other states. And, they ship to most US States.

Pros: Winecrashers offers 4 different wine club programs. Either 3 red wines each month or 3 white wines each month for only $54.99 or $49.99, respectively. Or, order 6 bottles a month for $109.99. For the same price they will tailor a personal monthly wine club based on your tastes! It’s a personalized wine club!

Cons: Only 89+ points? Really, that’s only because Wired For Wine offers 90+ points! But, the Wine Spectator ratings are great wine ratings.


Sign up for Winecrasher’s 5 Star Rate Wine Club and receive 3 highly rated wines each month

Wine Country Gift Baskets

convento dos capuchos

Wine Country Gift Baskets offers just what the name implies – gift baskets. They offer food and wine gift baskets for every, and I mean every, occasion. It’s possible to order individual wine bottles and all sorts of wine baskets. But, they also offer affordable wine clubs that can easily be sent as gifts.

Wines: California Wines. Membership can be for red wines, white wines, or a combination of both.

Duration of Wine Club Membership: 2-6 Months

Price Range: $80-240

Delivery: In the US, to 45 states

Pros: Wine Club Membership includes free shipping. And, can be personalized for different occasions, including corporate wine gifts, retirement, or thank you gifts.

Cons: Limited to California wines. No options longer than 6 months.


Search for Monthly Wine Clubs at Wine Country Gift Baskets.

Martha Stewart Wine – Year of Wine Gift Club

The Best Wine Clubs - How to Find the Perfect Wine Subscription

Martha Stewart elicits strong responses from people. People either love her, or hate her. Or, they love to hate her. But, there’s no denying that everything she touches turns to gold.

Martha Stewart Wine allows people to purchase wine online. They offer great pricing on international wines, including Bordeaux wines, top offerings from Napa wineries, and everything in between. They offer wine packs, that are boxes of 4 or 6 wine bottles that can be shipped across the US.

And, they offer the perfect gift for Martha Stewart loving wine aficionados, a Year of Wine.

Wines: The annual wine club can be tailored depending on the gift occasion, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Wine club membership can include 3 shipments a year or 4 shipments a year. Shipments can include red wine, white wine, or both red and white wines.

Duration of Wine Club Membership: One year, shipped quarterly, or every 3 months.

Price Range: Each six bottle wine box shipment ranges from $11-$13 a bottle.

Delivery: Martha Stewart Wines ships to almost all US states. Shipping is free for each wine delivery.

Pros: It’s possible to send monthly wine gifts, with only a single payment. It’s sort of set it and forget it.

Cons: This wine club might not be the best option for every wine lover. The person probably also needs to be a Martha Stewart lover too!


Purchase a Year of Wine Gift from Martha Stewart Wine. – International Wine of the Month Club

Emilia Romagna food has to be the end all and be all of monthly clubs regardless of what kind of food or drink lover you are. This includes monthly beer clubs, monthly cigar clubs, monthly cheese clubs, and more.

But their International Wine Clubs offer all sorts of great options. They offer estate bottled wines at great values. They include California wines, as well as international wine varieties in each shipment. And, they specialize on allowing you to sign up for your own wine subscription as well as personalized wine gifts. Each shipment also comes with wine cellar notes, to explain the wines in the shipment.

Wines: Each month, wine club members receive premium wines from 2 different award winning wine producers. Shipments can include just red wines, or a combination of red and white wines.

Duration of Wine Club Membership: Wine club subscriptions can range from 2 months, to 12 months, or can be open ended. It’s also possible to arrange monthly, every other monthly, or quarterly wine shipments.

Price Range: Wine clubs range from $39.95 to $72.95 a month. Shipments include anywhere from 2 through 6 wine bottles, depending on the wine club subscription chosen.

Delivery: They deliver to most US states. Shipping is $13 per shipment. They also offer a guarantee on all wine orders.

Pros: It’s possible to combine a monthly wine club membership with any of their other memberships. That’s a great option if you have a wine and cigar lover on your shopping list. Or, a wine and beer lover…

Cons: The International Wine of the Month Club has been around since 1994, which is great. But, they might not offer the same kind of artisan, cutting edge, more contemporary wines that some of the best wine clubs offer. But, they offer a good amount of customization when it comes to duration and frequency of the wine shipments.

Get $10 off the International Wine Club at

The Best Wine Clubs Reviewed

Here’s an overview of all the best wine clubs we reviewed above. Included in this table are links to each of the wine clubs for more information, along with information on the duration of the wine club, the pricing, and shipping. This should help you find the best wine subscriptions depending on your interests, and whether the wine club is a purchase for your or for a gift.

Wine ClubDurationPrice RangeDeliverySee It!
Winc Wine ClubMonthly shipmentStarts at $13 per bottleFree shipping on over 4 bottles Product Reviews
Wine Down - Wine & Cheese Club1, 3, 6, and 12 monthStarts at $63 a shipment, with lower prices for longer wine subscriptionsShipping is included Product Reviews
The California Wine ClubMonthly, with no minimum and no maximumRanges from $40-$230 a monthShipping is extra Product Reviews
Wired For WineQuarterly, with no minimum subscriptions$169.97Free shipping Product Reviews
Winecrasher Wine ClubMonthly shipmentsWine subscriptions range from $49.99 to $109.99Shipping costs range from $5 to $9.99 Product Reviews
Martha Stewart - Year of WineQuarterly shipments, for 12 months6 bottle shipments ranging from $11-$13 a bottleShipping is free Product Reviews International Wine ClubMonthly, every other month, or quarterly, from 2 to 12 months.2 to 6 bottle shipments ranging from $39.95 to $72.95 a shipmentShipping is $13 an order Product Reviews

FAQs – What You Should Consider When Choosing a Wine of the Month Club

  1. Should I give a wine of the month gift? Yes! If you have a wine lover on your gift list, a regular wine club is a great way to allow people to taste wine, throughout the year. And, they will think of you every time they receive a wine tasting gift in the mail! The best wine subscription gift is one that gives throughout the year.
  2. Can I ship to any state in the US? All wine retailers in the US must comply with certain rules when they sell wine online. There are some states that restrict receiving wine by mail. This is the case whether you ship wine internationally, or domestically. When purchasing wine gifts online, just double check whether you are sending it to a state that allows shipments of wine by post.
  3. Who can sign for my wine shipment? Almost all of these online wine sellers have a disclaimer somewhere on their website about this issue. Because there are Federal restrictions on wine delivered to your door, all wine club delivery shipments must be signed for by an adult over 21. Most of the wine subscription clubs will work with you on addresses and will let you know when an online wine shipment is on its way.
  4. Can I cancel a wine club membership? Of course! Every wine club we included on this list allows for cancellation beyond the original term, which is why we call them the best wine clubs!

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