23 of The Best Tapas in Seville Spain – A Tapas Sevilla Guide

The city of Seville in Southern Spain takes the notion of Spanish tapas to a whole new level. It seems as though there is a tapas restaurant or tapas bar every few feet throughout the city. This can cause decision paralysis, though, because there are just so many options. In this tapas Sevilla Guide, we share our recommendations for the best tapas in Seville. In fact, our list includes 23 must eat Sevilla tapas! That’s a whole lot of eating. And, yes, we ate all of these amazing tapas in Seville – some of them more than once! 

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Tapas Sevilla Guide

Seville Tapas Guide In this post, we will share recommendations for where to eat these Spanish tapas, at some of the best restaurants in Seville Spain. Although it’s not difficult to figure out where to eat in Seville. It’s like the food comes to you. It’s everywhere. You will in no way go hungry in Sevilla. But, it’s a little more complicated to try to figure out the best Seville tapas bars who are serving tapas to locals, not just tourists. That’s where we can help. 

An early note, what is the difference between Sevilla and Seville Spain? Seville is the English version of Sevilla, which is Spanish. Within Spain, you will see mostly references to Sevilla. I use both words interchangeably here in this Seville food blog. The Seville Spain pronunciation is with the typical Spanish “ll” sound, which sounds more like an “e” than an “l.” I like to use the Spanish pronunciation when traveling, but if you use the English pronunciation in the Seville tapas bars, no one will criticize. 

Where To Stay In Seville

While staying in Seville, we stayed at two different Seville hotels. The first in the Sevilla city center, the other a bit farther out. 

Hotel Inglaterra on Plaza Nueva, very central located and classically European. Rooms start at €125 a night including breakfast. Check the latest prices here. Hotel Inglaterra is close to all of the Seville traditional food.

AC Marriott Seville Ciudad is outside of the city center, close to Plaza Espana. This is a good option if you are renting a car to drive around Andalusia, and they have a hotel pool. Rooms start at €90 a night. It is about a 30-minute walk to the city center, but it was very modern and very quiet. We generally tend to stay with Marriott when we can, and the AC Hotel Brand is a Spanish brand within the Marriott chain. Check the latest prices here

I also like Melia, another Spanish brand. Their Melia Sevilla Colon is well-located, close to the city center, but not in an area that is too busy or noisy. Rooms start at €150 a night. Check the latest prices here.

Look for the best prices and the best deals on Sevilla hotels here.

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How to Order Tapas in Seville

In my mind, there is no wrong way to order tapas. But, I can see how it can be intimidating for someone who is new to this eating style. First thing to note, unlike pintxos in San Sebastian, most of the tapas are not placed on the bar and are not help yourself. Often, in Seville, there are some cold tapas on display on the bar. These are often seafood or potato-based salads. The bartender will create the plate for you.

Some tapas bars have printed menus on the table or on the bar. Others only have menus written on the wall, sometimes in chalk, meaning they adjust their tapas menu based on what they have that day, or what is in season. In the best tapas Seville list below, I include both the Spanish and English terms. This should help with finding the right tapas on the menu. Many of the restaurants in Sevilla Spain had some English speakers on staff and were helpful in directing people who have dietary restrictions. 

I will say that my number one rule when ordering food in a country, and this doesn’t just go for tapas in Spain, is when in doubt point. Seriously. Order a drink, hang back, and watch the food fly out of the window. When you see some Spanish traditional food or tapas that look good. Point to it and say “por favor.” It’s that simple!

How to Eat Tapas in Seville

Seville tapas guide As for how to eat tapas, for us traveling as two professional eaters, we would try to only order 2 or 3 tapas at each bar. This enabled us to hit 3 or 4 tapas restaurants in one afternoon, allowing us to try more. I think this is typical, particularly for lunch. Perhaps for dinner, more people would sit down to eat, but there are normally still tapas-sized portions on the menu. I find the most fun way to eat tapas in Seville is to walk into a bar, stand at the bar, order a drink and one or two taps, and then move to the next place. It’s like creating your own Seville walking tour.

The best places to eat in Seville can get busy, particularly at the weekend. Don’t be intimidated and move onto a Seville tapas bar that is less crowded. The crowds mean it’s good! Just take a deep breath, be patient, and try your best to squeeze up to the bar when a spot opens.

If you plan to take your drink or dish outside, pay your bill first. There is no need to pay-as-you-go if you are standing at the bar. Many bars will keep a running tab of what you order. The more traditional bars will write your tally in chalk on the bar – I just loved that!

Best Food in Seville – More Tapas Tips

  • What are tapas in Spain? Spanish tapas are small plates of traditional Spanish food.
  • What is a tapas bar? A tapas bar is one that specializes in small plates.
  • What is the translation for tapas in English? There really is no English translation for tapas. What’s important to know when eating Spanish tapas is that tapas frias are cold tapas and tapas calientes are hot tapas.

What To Eat in Seville – Seville Food Guide

Let’s get down and answer the question: What is Seville Famous For? To me, the only answer is tapas! Tapas in Sevilla seem to form the backbone of the dining scene in the city. I was overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to eat, and even more important, what to eat. Living in Spain, I am familiar with many of the Spanish tapas. Seville, though, is known for some unique tapas and even sandwiches that should be on any traveler’s must-eat list.

23 Best Tapas in Seville

Seville cuisine rotates around the tapa. In this tapas Seville guide, we include some typical Spanish tapas as well as tapas that are particular to Seville, as well as some must-eat sandwiches, or montaditos. I also include some recommendations on the best places to eat in Sevilla for that particular tapa and bars for Spain traditional food. 

Here is our list of tapas dishes to eat in Seville:

Snacks and Sandwiches – Seville Spain Food

Let’s start at the beginning. People in Sevilla, and in most of Spain, eat more than three times a day. They eat a small early breakfast, a snack before lunch, lunch, a late afternoon snack, and then dinner. In much of Spain, the late morning snack involves a small sandwich or bocadillo. In Sevilla, this small sandwich is often called a montadito. For this late morning snack, I am recommending a few different montaditos as well as some other small tapas that could be snacked on with a beer or a glass of vermouth before lunch. Most of these sandwiches and tapas range between €2.50-€4 per tapa or sandwich.

1. Montadito de Pringa

restaurant seville - montadito pringa This was one of our absolute favorite things to eat in Seville. Most Seville bars and cafes will offer several different kinds of sandwiches, and more often than not a pringa. A pringa is a small sandwich filled with pork, sometimes morcilla (black sausage), or often a stew of yesterday’s left-over meats. I know that morcilla or stew might not sound all that appealing, but it is a must-try tapa in Seville.

Where to find these montaditos in Seville? Everyone says you must have the pringa at Bodeguita Romero on Calle Harinas, close to Plaza Nueva. Their version is good, with pulled pork and morcilla. But, for us, the best was at Cerveceria Mary Reyes on Calle del Almirante Lobo, near the Puerto de Jerez. They may be ranked #1992 of almost 2500 restaurants in Seville Spain, but their pringa was our favorite! Just stop in for that and a beer or wine and move on. We did that at least three times in a week and thought it was one of the best tapas in Seville Spain! 

2. Montadito de Piripi

restaurant seville - antonio romero piripi This is a more classic sandwich in the American sense. The piripi is a small sandwich with pork loin, bacon, cheese, tomato, and mayonnaise. It’s not as common at Seville tapas bars as the pringa is. The best places to eat in Seville for piripi are Antonio Romero. I say “places” because they have a few different locations, and also shouldn’t be confused with Bodeguito Romero (above).

Where to find these montaditos in Seville? Bodeguita Antonio Romero on Calle de Antonia Diaz.

3. Montadito de Lomo con Cabrales

restaurant sevilla - montadito lomo con cabrales This lesser-known but definitely yummy Sevilla sandwich is lomo con Cabrales. Lomo is a sliced pork loin. It is topped with Cabrales, an intense blue cheese from northern Spain. The sandwich is served warm with oozing cheese. Total yum. A Sevilla top 10 for sure!

Where to find these montaditos in Seville? Why shouldn’t one of the best bars in Seville be hidden in the back of a small grocery store? Casa Moreno on Calle Gamazo is just that. It’s a small food shop, but in the back, there is a long bar, often filled with locals on the weekends. Elbow in and order a montadito de lomo con Cabrales. 

4. Chorizo or Chorizo Picante

restaurant sevilla - chorizo picante

Chorizo is common throughout Spain and a is popular at most Sevilla restaurant stops. It is a popular pork sausage flavored with garlic, pepper, and smoked paprika. In Seville, it is common to find chorizo or chorizo picante (spicy) montadito. It’s likely you can find this at almost every Spanish tapas bar in Seville. It’s a little oily, but so tasty on a fresh roll.

Where to find these montaditos in Seville? You can probably find this at the best Spanish tapas bars in Seville. We ate this one at Cerveceria Mary Reyes on Calle del Almirante, alongside our tasty pringa. 

5. Chicharrones

bar tapas sevilla - chicarrones

We both simply love chicharrones, fried pork heaven. It’s common to find at more traditional places to eat in Seville. Whereas in Mexico, chicharrones are pork rinds, in Spain they tend to be fried pork belly. Often somewhat crispy, they are loaded with pork goodness. It’s also on the top list of the best food in Seville to eat alongside a cold beer or glass of vermouth.

Where to find these tapas in Seville? You can find these at most traditional Sevilla tapas bars. Some of the tastiest, though, was at the simple Cafeteria Santa Ana in Triana. This is a no-frills kind of bars Sevilla. It’s supported by the local brotherhood that supports the nearby Santa Ana church. Very interesting place. 

6. Papas Alinas 

bar tapas sevilla - Papas Alinas

This is another way to start an afternoon eating out in Seville. Papas Alinas is like a Spanish potato salad, with some recipes originating in Cadiz, along the coast in Andalusia. This version included potatoes, onions, and peppers in a crisp and tangy vinegar sauce. Again, the perfect Spanish tapas to start a meal along with a cold beer.

Where to find these tapas in Seville? This is a house specialty at Bodeguita Ramero on Calle Harinas, along with their version of pringa. But, we ate a lot of great food at this tapas bar in Sevilla, as you will see below. 

7. Patatas Aioli

This is one of the best tapas in Spain, in particular, because it’s so simple, so easy to find, and so tasty. Chunks of potatoes coated in aioli, a garlic and olive oil sauce. Many travelers assume the white sauce coating the potatoes is mayonnaise, like an American potato salad. But, the best aioli is handmade, by simply mixing garlic and olive oil until it emulsifies.

Where to find these tapas in Seville? Pretty much everywhere. Look for them in the cold food cases on the bar. Patatas aioli is one of the top classic tapas dishes.

Unique Food in Seville Spain – Seville or Andalusian Dishes

There is a handful of must eat tapas in Seville that are more unique to Seville, or to Andalusia in general. These are the most important foods to eat in Seville because they are not generally found elsewhere in Spain, and are unique within the Iberica food & culture. Most of these tapas in Seville range between €3-7 for a plate of tapas. They also might come in larger portions, or raciones, for €7-10.

8. Mojama

bar tapas sevilla - mojama

One of the more unique Seville foods is mojama, a salt-cured tuna that is typical in Andalusia. Traditionally, fishermen would cure fish to help them last longer. Here, the tuna is cured, or dried, with salt. When ready to eat it’s sliced and drizzled with a little local olive oil. I wouldn’t add this onto a list of the most common tapas in Spain, but it is pretty common in Andalusia, particularly at seafood restaurants. This is one Seville food that takes some getting used to, at least for us. I am not generally a fan of salted, cured, or smoked fish. I am not sure why. But, because this is not one of the most famous tapas dishes I would definitely recommend trying it at least once. 

Where to try this Seville Spain food? We ate mojama at Cervecaria La Grande in Triana, which is a great stop for seafood during an evening exploring the Seville nightlife in Triana.

9. Salmorejo

bar tapas sevilla - salmorejo

The rest of Spain has gazpacho, the cold tomato soup that is one of the most famous tapas dishes. In Andalusia, they have salmorejo. Salmorejo is also a cold tomato soup, but it’s entirely different. It is smooth, thick, and creamy, and normally topped with bits of jamon and hard-boiled egg. The main difference is that salmorejo is made with bread and sherry. It’s a must-try Seville food!

Where to try this Seville Spain food? Everywhere. Seriously, it is everywhere at all of the best restaurants in Seville, and at the most typical tapas bars too.

10. Bruschetta con Salmorejo

Although you can find slamorejo across Andalusia, there is one version we only saw in Seville. This Seville food takes a thick salmorejo and spreads it liberally across toasted bread. Again it’s topped with jamon, but when out of the bowl they call it bruschetta con salmorejo. Travelers probably don’t associate bruschetta with Spain food names, but here you have it.

Where to try these Seville foods? Bar Alfalfa Seville Spain offers more modern tapas than traditional Spanish tapas. Bar Alfalfa is centrally located and definitely has a slightly more hipster vibe. They are well known for their salmorejo bruschetta as well as other contemporary bruschetta varieties made with traditional Spanish food ingredients.

11. Carrillera de Cerdo – Pork Cheek

best tapas sevilla - pig cheek carrillera

Looking for best tapas in Seville, focus on searching for the best carrillera, or pork cheeks. Traditionally, Americans might be put off by the idea of eating pork cheeks, but they are the most tender part of the animal. The same goes for beef, and even cod! It’s best when slow roasted or stewed. Many of the most popular Sevilla tapas dishes are stewed, and this one was one of our favorites.

Where to try this Seville Spain food? This single dish was one of the best 3 tapas we ate in Seville and our favorite was at Bodeguita Ramero on Calle Harinas.

12. Cazon de Adobo

best tapas sevilla - cazon en adobo

This has to be one of the best tapas Seville offers and such a surprise. Cazon de Adobo is a marinated fish, normally a bone-free fish like monkfish or dogfish. Yes, dogfish. It’s then breaded and deep fried. The marinade has a tangy, vinegar taste to it, which means the fish is super moist.

Where to try these Seville foods? I generally try to avoid restaurants that are on the main square or just across from the most popular attractions in a city. I found this to be one of the most amazing things about the restaurants in Seville Spain, though, because even what I would normally consider touristy was actually very good. This was just the case with Cerveceria Giralda, one of the closest restaurants to the Cathedral Sevilla. The cazon de adobo was so tender and juicy. The portions were huge too, even for Spanish tapas. 

13. Cola de Toro – Oxtail

bar tapas seville - cola de toro

Similar to the pork cheek above, this is another Seville tapa that comes in a stew form. I just love a slow-cooked oxtail. Some of the best just melt in the mouth. Definitely a must-eat tapas in Seville.

Where to find these local tapas in Seville? Once again, we found rabo de toro, which translates to the tail of the bull, at one of the restaurants near Seville Cathedral. This giant portion also came from Cerveceria Giralda and only cost €4.

14. Berenejas con Miel

bar tapas seville berenjenas con miel

This should be on the top of any list of Spanish tapas to eat in Seville, or really anywhere in Andalusia. Berenjenas con miel are slices of fried eggplant drizzled in honey. In some Seville tapas bars, the honey is more like molasses, so it’s thicker. I was hesitant about this dish for some reason. In the end, I simply loved it. The sweetness of the honey offset the saltiness of the fried eggplant.

Where to try this food in Seville Spain? It’s pretty easy to find these Sevilla tapas in most of the Spanish tapas bars in Barrio Santa Cruz Seville, the old town Seville Spain area just next to the Sevilla Cathedral.

Our favorite was at Bodega Santa Cruz Seville Spain, also known as Las Columnas for the columns outside. Overall, the food here was not some of the best we ate in Sevilla, but I simply loved the atmosphere. There was always a buzz to the place, mostly from locals.

15. Spinach With Garbanzo

bar tapas seville - spinach with garbanzo beans

This is one of the best typical Seville tapas we found, and we tried to eat it as much as possible. Spinach with gabanzo beans or chickpeas is known as espinacas con garbanzos. This is a dish that definitely shows the African and Moorish influence in Andalusia, with a flavor of cumin not common in other traditional Spanish tapas.

Where to try this food in Seville Spain? The best version of this we had was at El Rinconcillo, the oldest tapas bar in Seville and often considered the oldest restaurant in Seville Spain. Bodega Santa Cruz also had a really nice version.

16. Lomo con Pedro Ximenez

Lomo is a sliced pork loin. One of the most popular tapas in Seville is a slice of lomo topped with a sauce made with Pedro Ximenez, a sweet wine from the nearby Sherry triangle near Cadiz. You can also find the lomo in a whiskey sauce, which is also nice. Each has a little sweetness and a little tang.

Where to try this food in Seville Spain? Again at Bodega Santa Cruz. We ate there a lot.

Seville Where to Eat – Seville Tourist Guide

We recommend some of the best places to eat in Seville in our Seville Food Guide. But, if there are 5 tapas bar recommendations in Seville, I would recommend La Brunilda Seville, Bar Eslava Sevilla, Bodega Santa Cruz Seville, Bodeguita Romero, and El Rinconcillo. This is a good mix of traditional and contemporary and includes the oldest tapas bar in Seville.

Other Spanish Tapas in Sevilla

If you only have a few days in Seville, it’s best to concentrate on the Seville tapas that are unique to the area, the list of tapas above. But, this guide to Seville also includes some of the more typical Spanish tapas as well. If you have the time, definitely try some of the more typical Spanish foods on this list of tapas dishes.

17. Boquerones Fritos

tapas restaurant sevilla - boquerones

To me, boquerones are one of the best tapas in Spain. They are little fried fish and are tasty! The locals often will eat the whole fish. I tend to take off the head and eat the rest. If you are a little squirmy about eating whole fish, particularly with the large ones, you can easily open them up and remove the spine of the fish.

18. Jamon

All the local tapas restaurants everywhere in Spain will serve jamon, either as a tapa, as a racion, on a sandwich, or somehow cooked into a dish. Jamon, or Spanish cured ham, practically runs through the veins of every Spanish person I know. Look for Jamon Iberico Bellota to try the very best. It’s not difficult to track down jamon on any trip to Spain. It seems the best food in Seville Spain will almost always include a little bit of jamon.

19. Queso

We ate a good amount of queso, or cheese, in Sevilla. I often tried to ask what type it was and I was normally told “aged cheese from Seville.” I wish I had more to go on. Just try to start one evening with a small tapa of jamon and local, Andalusia cheese.

20. Olives

tapas restaurant sevilla - olives and vermouth

When it comes to what to eat in Spain if you are an olive lover, this is it! At some traditional tapas bars you don’t even need to order olives. Sometimes they just arrive like quick tapas magic. And, they are a must eat in Seville because Andalusia is one of the top producers of olives in the world. They are also typically easy to find at a Spanish food market and is one of the staples of the Spanish diet.

21. Solomillo

tapas restaurant sevilla - solomillo

Solomillo is a sirloin steak. It’s normally grilled simply and sprinkled with a little rock salt. So simple and so tasty. At tapas bars, they are often served on a slice of fresh bread, which soaks up all the juice.

22. Gambas

Seafood is big in Andalucia. Many of the traditional tapas bars in Sevilla focus on fish and seafood. Be sure to try some fresh, grilled, local prawns, or gambas in Spanish.

23. Grilled or Fried Artichokes

tapas restaurant sevilla - grilled artichokes

Simply fried artichokes can be found in many Spanish tapas bars in Seville when they are in season. The artichoke season is the fall. If you can find them, try them. Even if you don’t generally like artichokes when they are breaded and deep fried they are amazing!

Where to find these tapas in Seville? Bar Eslava Restaurant Seville, offers more modern tapas ideas and dishes. Their grilled artichokes were topped with crispy slices of garlic and a little bit of salted cod, or bacalao. 

Best Tapas in Triana Seville

triana tapas restaurants

Triana is the lesser-known neighborhood across the river from the center of Seville. It’s where the locals go and live. That also means it’s a lot less touristy. We experienced a little of the Seville nightlife during our Devour Tours Tapas Like a Local Tour in Triana. This is a great neighborhood to explore while visiting Seville. It’s where we ate amazing tapas like spinach with garbanzo and bruchetta with salmorejo.

All that said, when walking over the bridge from the center of Seville into Triana, try to avoid many of the places along the main road, Calle San Jacinto. We only ate at one Triana tapas bar on this street. We visited a few others, but only had a drink. They didn’t feel as authentic as the Triana tapas bars in the neighborhood. Explore the twisted roadways and just get lost! Try Las Golondrinas for a real traditional Spanish tapas experience. 

What To Do in Seville for Food Lovers

tapas seville spain

If my Seville Tapas Guide above seems a little daunting, there are other ways to explore Seville for food. A Seville tapas tour or Seville wine tour might be a great option, particularly if you are new to Spanish cuisine or are short on time in Seville.

We actually took three different types of Seville food tour while there. Each of them was with Devour Tours. We’ve taken Devour’s tours in Barcelona and San Sebastian and think they are some of the best food tour operators in Spain. I am not just saying that because I am friends with the owner (full disclosure), I just like the tours they put together and the time they take to train their team. Here are some recommended Seville tours. 

Seville Food Tours

Triana Like a Local – Tapas Tour Seville

This Sevilla tapas tour is the best way to explore the Triana neighborhood of Seville. Devour Tours also does a good job of explaining the unique history of Seville and the Triana neighborhood. Tours last about 2.5 to 3 hours and start at €69.

Book the Triana Like a Local Tour in Triana Here

Flamenco and Tapas Tour Sevilla

Seville tapas tour and flamenco in Seville

Any Seville food tour will offer a great deal of tasty Spanish tapas and Seville foods to try, but the Devour Spain Seville Food Tour With Flamenco is something unique. Not only does it include a flamenco show, but also includes a lot of history of the city as well. It’s one thing to just book a Flamenco show, but to learn about its history and meaning is important as well. It’s such a unique performance, of both music and song, and it helps to understand the culture behind the performance.

The Devour Tours Flamenco and Food Tour lasts about 4.5-5 hours and starts at €109 per person. It includes the performance, a few tapas stops, and tapas dinner as well.

Book the Flamenco and Seville Food Tour here

Seville Wine Tour and Sherry Triangle

Sherry tour from Seville

I didn’t know before booking our trip to Seville that it was so close to the Sherry Triangle, the three areas of Andalusia where sherry is produced and aged. We spent a day on a customized Sherry and Wine Tasting Tour with Devour Tours.

They can arrange full-day experiences to learn about Andalusian wine and, most interesting, sherry. I knew nothing about sherry before our trip to Seville. I always assumed that sherry was nothing more than the dark and sweet fortified wine you see above. But, there are several different varieties of sherry, some of them being the driest wines in the world, like Fino and Manzanillo. We learned so much on our wine tour.

Contact Devour Tours to arrange a customized sherry and wine tasting tour.

Other Things To Do in Seville Spain

There are loads of things to do in Seville that don’t involve eating (gasp). The Alcazar Seville is one of the most famous landmarks in Spain, particularly now that they filmed some scenes for Game of Thrones there. Other top Seville tourist attractions include the Seville Cathedral and Plaza Espana. One of the best ways to capture both the cultural and culinary side of Seville is to take a Tapas and Flamenco Seville Tour, which we did with Devour Tours. It was a great way to learn about the history of the city, and of Flamenco, while also eating!

Check out our recommendations for the 12 Top Things To Do in Seville. Spoiler Alert – some of our recommendations include food!  

How to Learn More About Spanish Food

While traveling through Andalusia, I read Matt Goulding’s Grape, Olive, Pig, which is a great compendium about food and travel in Spain. It covers not only Andalusia, but Catalonia, the Basque Country, Asturias, and more. It’s a great way to learn more about Spanish food and the culture of food in Spain.

As soon as I returned home, I vowed to spend more time learning how to COOK Spanish food. So, I bought Claudia Roden’s the Food of Spain. The book includes the history of the regional cuisine of Spain as well as hundreds of traditional recipes from all over the country. The book is simply lovely too, with pretty photos and illustrations. I enjoy reading about food while sipping sherry, and yes, actually making some of the recipes too.

The Food of Spain
Price: $45.00
Price Disclaimer

FAQS – Traveling For Food In Seville Spain

If you have more questions about traveling to Seville, here we answer some additional frequently asked questions about traveling in Seville.

Where is Seville in Spain?

Seville is in the Spanish province of Andalusia, in Southern Spain. Other well-known destinations with local tapas traditions in Andalusia include Granada, Cordoba, and Malaga.

What is the Seville temperature throughout the year?

The Seville temperature ranges throughout the year from a hot hot hot summer, where temperatures soar to 100 degrees to a cool winter that generally does not hit freezing. The best time to visit Seville is in the Spring and Fall.

Where is the best paella in Seville?

I cover this more in our Seville Food Guide. Although it is easy to find paella in most tourist neighborhoods in Spanish cities, paella is a Valencian dish. Through the rest of Spain, people might be eating arroz, or rice, but not necessarily paella. If you must eat paella in Seville, try ordering a small portion at a Seville restaurant serving tapas to get a taste. Travel to Andalucia to eat tapas in Seville, not paella! 

What are the top 10 restaurants in Seville Spain?

Tripadvisor Seville offers recommendations for the best restaurants in Seville. For us, for contemporary tapas, we loved La Brunilda Seville for slightly more upscale versions of Seville tapas, but at a good price.

Where is the best breakfast in Seville Spain?

We generally skipped breakfast in Seville or ate a little something in our hotel. Breakfast is not a big meal of the day in Spain.  Locals normally eat a pastry, along with a coffee or juice.

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