The Best Barcelona Food Market – Santa Caterina Market

On prior visits to Barcelona, Spain, we found ourselves staying in hotels near the tourist center of town, Las Ramblas. It also meant that we frequently found ourselves in one of the most beautiful markets we have ever seen – La Boqueria, probably the most popular food market in Barcelona, but that does not mean it is the best Barcelona food market. There are others. The Mercat Santa Caterina is easily the best Barcelona food market. Here’s why, and how to visit Santa Caterina.

Searching for the Best Barcelona Food Market

Best Barcelona Food Market When we first traveled to Barcelona, we knew La Boqueria was touristy, but we did not care. With fruit, vegetables, meats, and cheeses displayed stunningly, and a few bars and eateries tucked in the back, we thought we had found heaven on earth. Since our first visit, we have told anyone we know who was heading to Barcelona, to stop at La Boqueria. 

Until we discovered a little gem not far down the road – Mercado Santa Caterina, or Mercat Santa Caterina in Catalan.

We met Carlos on our Devour Barcelona food tour. Spanish born, Australian raised, he is a tour guide who brings groups through Spain. He luckily told us about his favorite food market in Barcelona, which was only a five-minute walk from our apartment rental. Once we stepped inside we started to really feel like Catalan locals living in Barcelona. We also quickly learned where locals find the best food in Barcelona.

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Why Santa Caterina is the Best Food Market in Barcelona

We found the Santa Caterina Barcelona Market on a Saturday, and it was gorgeous. The displays were not only amazing, but the lighting was done in such a way that every little morsel under the huge ceiling looked delectable. I never found myself paying much attention to market architecture until Santa Caterina. There is just something about food markets in Europe, and in particular markets in Italy and Spain, that just makes me drool.

Barcelona Food Market

Barcelona Food Market

Barcelona Food Market And, because it was a Saturday, the market was packed with people buying food to make their big weekend family meals. It’s something we’ve become accustomed to while living in Girona. One of our favorite things to do is to visit the best market near me, which is the Mercat de Lleo. Although the Girona market is not as architecturally stunning as Santa Caterina in Barcelona, the food is just as tasty!

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What You Will See at Mercato Santa Caterina Barcelona

Will touring one of the best markets in Barcelona, you will most likely see what we saw during our first visit to Santa Caterina. This is just market life in Catalonia. We saw a butcher delicately preparing meat for a customer, taking so much pride in his work. One of the things I love about Catalonia is that most people continue to visit their local butcher. A Barcelona meat market is something to see. Often the butchers have large cuts of meat of all varieties and they expertly cut them and prepare them based on the customers’ specific orders.

Barcelona Food Market

Barcelona Food Market We saw people pushing in, standing three deep waiting to order from the fishmonger. We saw people ordering fish or vegetables. The owner of the stall would show off what he was about to wrap up to ensure it satisfies the customers’ standards – such a pride in their offerings.

It’s the same at the Barcelona fish market at Santa Catarina as it is in Girona. We saw older ladies pointing and directing workers to find their perfect piece of meat, or in this case, eggs. We also see them communicating their specific needs, exactly how many prawns or clams they need to make a rice dish or a seafood stew. 

Barcelona Food Market As we were attempting to live like the locals for our time in Barcelona, we ordered some cheese, and a bottle of wine to bring back to our apartment. We also stopped at the bar for an early morning glass of cava and some plates of fresh foods. There are a couple of Mercat Santa Caterina restaurant options inside the market where they prepare tapas and other bites, often with the produce and products from the market. 

It made me realize how much I want to live for a while near a market like this, to shop at the market like the locals do. One that is clean and so much more approachable than the markets in Asia, which more practically display Asia food. Eric said we would have to get a grill for our apartment to cook up all the amazing meats and fish. I would be happy to make salads from the fresh vegetables, use the amazing fruits for a lovely breakfast, and, of course, eat cheese for most meals of the day.

Santa Caterina market quickly became one of my favorite markets in the world. I didn’t want to leave! It’s what made Santa Caterina market my new favorite food market in Barcelona.

Mercado de Santa Caterina Market is at Av. Francesc Cambó, 16, in El Born, Barcelona.  They are closed on Sunday. They are open six days a week starting at 7:30 am. They close between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm, but on Thursday and Friday, they are open into the evening as well. The Santa Caterina Market Barcelona is close to the Jaume I Metro Stop. 

FAQs – Santa Caterina Barcelona Market

  • Should I skip La Boqueria Barcelona? For first-time travelers to Barcelona, it’s a great idea to visit more than one Barcelona food market. Mercat de la Boqueria is pretty and historic. That said, try to visit La Boqueria Barcelona on off-hours, perhaps when they open. La Boqueria Barcelona hours are from 8:30 am- 8:30 pm six days a week. And as with any food market just remember that this is where the locals shop, every day. It’s also where people do business. Just please be mindful when visiting La Boqueria market to not get into shoppers’ way. Even better, buy something!
  • What else could be in the running for the best market in Barcelona? There are loads of fresh food markets in Barcelona, tucked into almost every neighborhood. There really is no “Central Market Barcelona” although La Boqueria could be considered such. Other nearby options include Mercat de la Barceloneta, close to the port, and Sant Antoni Market near Poble Sec. Each market sells Barcelona traditional food products in its own way. Regardless, visiting a Barcelona food market should be on your Barcelona itinerary.

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Best Barcelona Food Market - Santa Catarina Market

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  1. Wow, that’s one clean and packed market! Love markets, too, especially one that offers the freshest produce of varying types. Now I have go-to Barcelona expert to ask 😉

    xx Gourmet Getaways

  2. Wow! Those veggies! I will serve and eat salads and veggie dishes everyday if I can buy them as fresh as that.

    • Yeah, agreed. Although all I wanted to do was head home with some fresh made pasta and those great fall mushrooms and whip up a mushroom cream sauce!

  3. I loved it as well. Akis and I had an amazing breakfast in Boqueria and lunch at the Santa Caterina…in fact we didn’t stop!

    • That’s what I like to hear!

  4. I love the markets in Europe, and this one looks especially good. In fact, I want one of those tomatoes NOW.

  5. One of the best things about traveling in Europe is getting to go to markets like Santa Catarina. I’ll remember this when I finally make my way to Barcelona!

    • Yeah, it was stunning!

  6. Oh yummy yummy!

    During my trip to BCN last summer, I visited the market on a day it was closed so I never got to see it…. I might have to travel back to BCN again when I go to TBEX in Girona next spring!

    • We should go to Santa Catarina market together during TBEX next year!!!

  7. SO glad you posted this! The down side of cruising is that you often only get one day in a city and, in our case, our one day in Barcelona was the day the market was closed. 🙁 I appreciate this look at what we missed. On the up side, we have many, many reasons to get back to Barcelona ASAP! And your photos are making me drool…

    • I know! I wanted to go back to the market on Sunday for another visit, but it was closed. Always a bummer. Definitely try to spend more time in Barcelona!

  8. What incredibly beautiful photos. Everything looked spectacular and made me hungry even though I just finished supper.

    • I probably have at least a dozen more really good photos from this market too. The food, and the lighting made it so easy. Everything looked tasty!

  9. Lovely description on our fav market in Barcelona!! As we’re there minimum 3 times a week, we need to tell you: if you visit it again, we really recommend you to stop in the olive oil shop on the corner, to taste and explore about our olive oils!! Arbequina olive oil now is freshly pressed and you’ll be delighted!! Oh, and we can’t skip buying their truffled crisps!! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

    • I will try to remember that, because I feel pretty sure I will return!

  10. Thank you for this post! I’m planning a trip to Barcelona and was bummed that I couldn’t get to a nice market since La Boqueria is going to be closed on that day! I’ll definitely try Santa Catarina :)!

    • Definitely check it out! Santa Catarina, I believe, is closed on Sundays, FYI. Enjoy, and send me a photo from there. Post it to the FB page, or Tweet it to @husbandintow!


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