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Sometimes you have such a great experience when traveling, that you do your very best to recreate it. I knew it was a tall order when returning for brunch at the W Seminyak. But, we tried our very best to enjoy the best brunch in Bali, just one more time.

Best Brunch in Bali W Seminyak

Our First Visit to Brunch at W Seminyak

While living in Ubud, we had a strange message from a long lost friend. Someone we knew many moons ago, when living in D.C. and in Chicago. Through his moves, and our travels, we had sort of lost touch with Tyler. Then, suddenly, he was visiting Bali, with his partner, Luigi.

We made our way down to the beach for a night, staying our very first time at our Bali home away from home, Courtyard Seminyak. We planned our visit around brunch. What better way to break the ice after many years apart than attending what we heard was the best brunch in Bali.

It was a memorable experience. Over glasses of sparkling wine, mimosas, bellinis, and who knows what else. Over plate upon plate of seafood and luxury treats. With a view over the blue seas of Seminyak, we caught up with Tyler. In a lot of ways, it was like we had never been apart. The four of us enjoyed our brunch. Immensely. Maybe a bit too much. We were the very last table to leave, and in true W Hotels fashion, they just cleaned up the party around us.

Monday was a rough morning to say the least.

Our Return to The Best Brunch in Bali

After a two year absence from Bali, we were, once again, staying at our Bali home away from home, Courtyard Seminyak. Our stay fell over a weekend. We were desperate to return and experience the famous Sunday brunch at Starfish Bloo.

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Without friends, without Tyler and Luigi, I figured we would still experience a fab brunch, but I was a little concerned that it would disappoint. You have to remember, as much as Eric and I get along quite well, we do spend all our time together. All. Our. Time. TOGETHER. Just imagine that with your significant other.

So, we obviously continue to enjoy each others company. But, just the two of us, as this epic Bali Sunday brunch. Could it top our visit with friends two years before?

I am sorry to say to Tyler and Luigi, it just about did.

Brunch at Starfish Bloo was just as I remembered. Greeted with a glass of sparkling rose. Views to the sea. The breeze blowing the palm trees. It truly is everything you imagine Bali to be.

And, the food. Stacks of spiny lobsters and giant prawns. Row upon row of sushi.

Best Brunch in Bali W Hotel Seminyak

Best Brunch in Bali W Hotel Seminyak Peking duck rolls with scallions and hoisin sauce. Foie gras. Pork ribs. Fresh kebabs.The local babi guling, roasted pig, complete with stacks of crispy pig skin. Yes, this was exactly as I remembered.

Best brunch in Bali W Hotel Seminyak

The dessert spread was just as you would expect from the W Hotel.

best brunch in Bali W Hotel Seminyak

My only complaint was that they ran out of some food items a little before the end. I was hoping for some more grilled seafood, and we just couldn’t come across any. They may have had a larger crowd than normal as that Sunday the W Seminyak was hosting their 6 year anniversary party.

As far as the fun level. Of course we missed Tyler and Luigi, but the table of blokes from Oz at the next table more than entertained us. By the end of the brunch, we had enough sparkling wine and cocktails to more than make up for their absence. Sorry guys.

Is Starfish Bloo still the best brunch in Bali? Until someone tells me otherwise, I would say so. Great food. Great drinks (and heavy on the pour). Great music. So much fun! I would definitely recommend it to anyone heading to Bali.

Brunch at Starfish Bloo at the W Seminyak is about $40 a person. With alcohol it is about $90, or with champagne it is about $142. Considering how expensive it is to drink in Bali, this is a really great price. Note that the W hosts two brunches on Sunday. The one at Starfish Bloo is the fabulous see and be seen brunch. The other one at FIRE is more for families, and is a little more chill. Go fab and go Starfish Bloo!

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best brunch in Bali Starfish Bloo

We were hosted by the W Hotel Seminyak for this brunch, but I would have gone anyway! It’s just the best way to spend a Sunday in Bali!

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