An Addiction to Portuguese Egg Tarts – A Photo Essay

One of our first nights in Singapore, we made our way to a small but dysfunctional food center up the road from our housesitting apartment.  We found fantastic fried pork at a Thai stall, that never seemed to be open again.  As we walked our way back, we happened upon Madeline’s Portuguese egg tarts.  Having fallen in love with these in Lisbon last year, we stopped for two.  The old Amber and Eric would have bought a half dozen, but two would do it for the new, healthier Amber and Eric.

The woman, who I assumed was named Madeline, offered us two straight from the oven.  They were delicious.  A warm, flaky crust was filled with creamy, sweet custard, a little flambéed on the top.  We became addicted.  

Next thing you know, we were on an egg custard a day diet for the full week in Singapore.  And, we did not discriminate.  If Portuguese egg tarts were not available, we quickly substituted with Chinese egg tarts, which are similar but without the flambé on the top. Luckily, you can find them everywhere in Singapore.  You know what they say, “an egg tart a day…”

In the end, Madeline’s were our favorite:  

Singapore Egg Tarts

Singapore Egg Tarts Our Chinese substitution:

Singapore Egg Tarts What was that about a new, healthier us?

Singapore Egg Tarts


  1. LOVE egg tarts (even the non-flambéed Chinese variety) though I never saw this place when we were in Singapore… just another reason to go back, I suppose! I admire your restraint at limiting yourself to 1 per day!

  2. Steph, yeah, this place is kind off away from most of the touristy areas, but is not too far from the Old Airport Road hawker center for next time you go. And, I too am amazed at our restraint!


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