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Vegetarians beware.  That is, if I have any vegetarian readers left. This is 30 days of pork.

30 Days of Pork During the month of September, I shared some of my favorite pork photos on the With Husband In Tow Facebook page.

It was an homage to some of the best pork dishes we have ever eaten, while we eagerly anticipated our gluttonous food tour of Europe in October.  This homage was entitled 30 Days of Pork, and featured pork dishes from Asia and Europe, many of which were dumpling or pork belly related.  Not surprising, after all, it is not secret that we have an addiction to pork.  Eric wants to get a pork tattoo, and just might during our trip to Barcelona.  My friend, Emerald, just gave me a slab of bacon for my birthday (best gift ever!).  My new favorite blog is Bacon is Magic.

Perhaps we have a problem. So, for those of you who missed 30 Days of Pork on Facebook, here is a recap of all of the tasty photos.

And, if you like this sort of thing, follow along during October, when I highlight our trip through Europe on Instagram with 30 Days of Cheese!


  1. Nooo, please don’t show me all these pork dishes! I get weak at pork belly and crackling!

    ~Do drop by and say hello 🙂
    Gourmet Getaways

    • I love that you get weak from pork! A girl after my own heart.


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