The 10 Best Food Instagram Accounts

I have been spending more and more time on Instagram.  Now, for a lot of people, they maybe can handle one or two social media channels, and want no more.  But as a blogger, I kind of feel like I have to be on them all.  I am not, though, I just refuse.  I spend my time on the ones that I enjoy, and for me, Instagram is becoming a channel that I like more and more.

I reworked With Husband In Tow a few months ago, and came up with the new niche on Adventures in Food.  My Instagram account took an adventure with me and became a food Instagram account.  I am proud of the fact that my feed is now loaded with food photos, most of what we have eaten over the past several months, from Bali to Bangkok to Barcelona.  I can’t possibly share all of these photos on the blog, so Instagram is a great place to share.

With Husband In Tow on Instagram

As we head into the new year, though, I thought I would share some of my favorite food Instagram accounts.  These are the accounts that I keep a keen eye on.  They are the ones that make me realize that food is in fact, my passion.  So, check them out.

Top Food Instagram Accounts To Follow in 2015

I have been a huge fan of Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic since we met at Bloghouse in Chicago.  It helps that her partner is a Toronto Chef, who recently just opened Loka Snacks. I was thinking about Ayngelina while watching the film Chef recently, getting understandably jealous that she lives with this kind of inspiring food.  Her Instagram posts always make me drool, particularly when it involves, oh Chef just cleaned out the left overs in the refrigerator and made us this amazing meal.  Yeah jealous.


Ayngelina Instagram Bacon is Magic Ayngelina is a blogging mentor of mine, so it is fitting that she is first on this list.  And, she told me about Mark Weins over at Migrationology.  Based in Thailand, he is a food travel blogger with a speciality in Asian food, so of course, it has to be good!  Just check out the personality in those prawns.  I love Migrationology because so many of his photos involve tables of food surrounded by sauces and spices, chilis and limes.  Amazing stuff.

migrationology Instagram

Lauren, of Spanish Sabores, also runs Devour Barcelona, the food tour we took in Barcelona.  The foods we ate on the tour featured in my Instagram feed prominently back in October.  Lauren is based out of Madrid, and her Instagram food feed is loaded with photos of Spanish cuisine, cured meats, tapas, churros, and everything else tasty.

Spanish Sabores Instagram

Also while at Bloghouse, I met Mindy and Daryl who run 2Foodtrippers.  They have already shared with us What Did You Eat Last Night.  Based out of Philadelphia, they still manage to travel, and stun me with tasty food photos!  How is it possible to make olives look this good?

2Foodtrippers Instagram

I recently was introduced to Cyra, over at Gastronomic Nomad, and started following her food Instagram account religiously, with loads of photos from Australia, as well as from Spain. I find it very easy to take photos of the foods I eat, but I love how creative Cyra gets in her photos, often showing the ring on her finger while she holds a glass or grabs a plate.  And I would love those peaches right about now!

Gastronomic Nomad Instagram

Over at My Kitchen Stories, Tania focuses on Cook Eat Travel, but so many of her photos are based on dishes she actually cooks, and she offers tips on how to cook those dishes on her blog.  She seems to be a wizz at desserts too!

My Kitchen Stories Instagram

These two food Instagram accounts are similar, but still unique in their own way.  In the niche of “with a view,” we have _With A View, which highlights food, with gorgeous scenery in the background.  I think if all of my meals came with this scenery, I would be a happier and healthier person.  Beaches, mountains, Greece, the Eiffel Tower, amazing!

With a View Instagram

Similarly, in the with a view niche, Drink Around the World offers views with lovely cocktails, beers, and wine in the foreground.  I just don’t know which account I like more, but they are both inspiring!

Drink Around the World Instagram

I’m also totally enjoying food Instagram accounts that are niche within niche feeds.  Sackfixation is just one of these, focusing almost entirely on snacks and tasty treats.  Ignore the turkey and focus on those fluffy, sweet looking churros!

Snackfixation Instagram

Another example of a niche food Instagram blog, 365 Sandwich found me on Instagram when I posted a photo of a true sloppy joe at Katz’s Deli in North Carolina.   Because we have been living in a town which does not seem to have a decent sandwich, 365 Sandwich offers me a particularly poignant type of food porn.


365 Sandwich Instagram If you are keeping score, there are over 70 photos in this blog post of tasty food and beverages, and this is just a fraction of a fraction of the great food photos on Instagram, from the best food Instagram accounts.  If you are not on Instagram yet, consider creating an account.  It is a visually stunning form of social media, and one that makes me hungry on a daily basis!

And, if you have an Instagram account that focuses on food, share it below, or follow me on Instagram – I will definitely follow back to see your Adventures in Food!

17 thoughts on “The 10 Best Food Instagram Accounts

  1. Tamara says:

    Great list. There are a couple here we were unaware of, so excited to take a closer look. Instagram always seems to make me hungry. Many on your list have taken part in our Food for Thought interview series. If you haven’t seen it, we’re sure it would be right up your alley! If you’d be interested in taking part yourself, shoot us an email!

  2. tania @ my kitchen stories says:

    I am with you I love Instagram and can be on there gawking for hours. Thank you so very much for including me on your list I am humbled and excited, I am but a baby instgramer and started late. I religiously post and am honoured you noticed. In fact I was working my way down the list following the others and saw my photos. Heart attack !

  3. Sean Weber says:

    Wow! Thank you for adding Snack Fixation to this wonderful list of Instagram accounts. I am quite honored! I look forward to checking out the rest of the selections and following them as well. Once again, THANK YOU!

    • says:

      I am following you now! We love doing cooking classes in Italy, and have done a few before. I am still in the process of writing about them.

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