Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $20

Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

It’s no secret that both Eric and I are wine lovers. We drank a good amount of wine in the US, and even owned a 75 Bottle Wine Refrigerator. We considered ourselves budding wine connoisseurs and when people gave us wine related gifts, we were very happy to accept them. They were some of the few gifts that we actually used on a regular basis.

Although it’s great to show up at a holiday party with a bottle of wine, it’s also a lot of fun to surprise hosts and friends with some fun and unique holiday gifts for wine lovers. After publishing our holiday gifts for foodies under $25, this seemed like a natural progression.

These are a few I would recommend, either because we’ve used them in the past, or because they are just plain fun! And, the best part, all of these gifts for wine lovers are less than $20! Just click on the photos to check them out.

Novelty Wine Glasses

I totally wish I had these wine glasses when I was a lawyer. I certainly needed it. There were many nights where I sat down with the biggest wine glass I could find and upended a bottle into it. I am sure loads of people out there would find these as perfect gifts for wine lovers. There are loads of different designs, but these are some of my favorites. And, they start at only $15.

Trivia for Wine Nerds

There is no better way to suss out who is the biggest wine nerd in the group than to make it into a competition! With Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes, you can pit some of your closest wine lover fans against one another, to answer questions about vinology and wine business. Wine Wars costs only $20.


Wine To Go Containers

This is ingenious. There are so many rules about no glass near the pool in the US. This would have been the perfect solution to bring a wine bottle, on the go. It also would work to transport less than a full bottle of wine when you don’t finish it. Although, that so rarely happened with us (see above about upending a bottle of wine into a single glass). These portable, plastic, foldable wine bottles hold an entire bottle of wine, and start at only $14. If you are smoker then you can buy jr cigar for cheap with the help of jr cigars promo code and deals.

Non-breakable Wine Glasses

With the amount of wine we used to drink back in the US (and since then of course), we used to break wine glasses all the time. After breaking so many of the fancy glasses we got for our wedding, we finally decided to go stemless for our everyday drinking needs. These glass by Govino take it one step further, by offering unbreakable wine glasses, they look and react to wine similar to crystal. A set of 4 is only $15!


Wine Coolers

No, not Bartles & James style wine coolers, but gadgets that offer a quick chill for a bottle of wine at home. We always kept a couple of these in our freezer for quick cooling, but also used them instead of an ice bucket to keep a bottle of white wine or sparkling wine cool outdoors. This wine chiller from Vacu-Vin is actually a little more decorative than the simple silver colored ones, and would make a great gift at only $12.

Since we’ve left the US, wine cooler technology has improved a lot. There are so many cool gadgets out there, including this cooling Corkcicle, which claims it serves the perfect wine, for only $12.

This product takes the Corkcicle one step further, by creating a 3-in-1, wine cooler, aerator, and pourer, for only $19.

Moleskin Wine Journals

I love jotting notes when I travel, about foods I eat, and in particular about wines I taste. Moleskin created a series of Passion Journals, starting around $17, to inspire people to write about their passions. They even have a wine journal, perfect for any wine lover.

Inspire Wine Tourism

For years while living in the US, I visited wine shops and purchased wines that I recognized because of the grape, or the label. Often they were wines that were recommended by friends or ordered at restaurants, and we could trust them.  Since we have been traveling to taste wine, though, our wine world has truly opened up.

Yeah, it was great to open a bottle of rose with friends on our back porch in Chicago. But now that we’ve been seeing where wine is grown, and even better, meeting wine makers, we have learned so much more about wine, and how to appreciate it. I know not everyone can jet off to the Alto Minho to taste Vinho Verde, have lunch with Italian winemaker, or explore the Emporda wine region in Catalunya, but wine is produced virtually everywhere. There are wineries in every state in the US, and even wineries in India.

This Lonely Planet Guide to 52 Wine Trails encourages people to follow in our footsteps, to get out and explore wine travel. And, at $20 it makes the perfect gift for wine lovers, who like to travel.

Share below your ideas for perfect gifts for wine lovers! 

In the interest of full disclosure, if you buy any of these products on Amazon, I receive a referral fee, which is a smidgeon of the price. But, it does help to support us, to keep us out on the road, and telling amazing stores about wine travel! Thank you for your support and happy holidays!

And, if you are looking for luxury gifts for food and wine lovers, we’ve got a guide for that too!

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