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Search For Everyday Happiness

Okay, so I know the word happiness is trendy right now, like finding your purpose (more on that in a few weeks), but I am struggling to enjoy more of my days, and I found that I needed help. For those of you who have been following along, Eric and I have had a little... read more

The Rainy Season in Bali – Part II

We have realized that we both suffer tremendously from Seasonal Affective Disorder.  People may be surprised to hear that two people can suffer so much while living in Bali, and considering all that the word Bali connotes, but it is in fact, true. The rainy season in... read more

Thanksgiving in Bali

We often get questions about what it is like to live overseas, particularly when a holiday arrives.  As Thanksgiving is Eric’s favorite holiday, it is the one day of the year that Eric finds himself wishing he were in the US. As we don’t like Christmas,... read more

Bodega 1900 Barcelona

Vermouth is making a big comeback in Spain, in part because it often has a slightly higher alcohol content and can be ordered all over town.  This makes it easy and cheap for young hipsters to get drunk quickly. But, at Bodega 1900, they are taking a more traditional... read more

Lunch With an Italian Winemaker – Corte d’Aibo

I never imagined I would be sitting down for an amazing meal, at an organic winery, in the foothills of Bologna, to have lunch with an Italian winemaker. But, that is exactly what Yummy Italy organized during our day touring Emilia Romagna.

We pulled up to Corte d’Aibo, after a winding drive through the hills south of Bologna. The organic vineyard includes a series of buildings, including an old farmhouse that has been turned into an agritourismo, complete with guest rooms. The property overlooks vineyards, wheat fields, and fruit trees. On one side lies a biolake, a freshwater pool with a natural filtration system. On the other side, a rustic farmhouse restaurant, with a wrap around porch, overlooking the hillside.

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Is Bali Worth the Trip?

You say the word Bali and it connotes images of a tropical paradise, no matter how you slice it. Verdant, green hills, with terraced rice paddies, rustic villages with chickens crossing the road, gorgeous, white sand beaches lined with palm trees. I mean, it’s a tropical island, how bad could it be? There is just something about the word, but, honestly, I am not sure why.

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