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Flying Shortly After the Air Asia Crash

In our final days and weeks living in Bali, everything seemed just a little, well, off. Things were happening a little differently. Restaurants we frequented for months were suddenly messing up our order. The super markets were out of good bananas. I couldn’t find parking in front of Buddha Mart. It was just the little things, but it was enough to make us roll our eyes and make comments about how Bali was ensuring we got the heck out.

Just a few days before we flew from Bali to Bangkok on Air Asia, we heard the news about the Air Asia crash. There was nothing we could do. We were still going to take our flight. Something similar happened with Malaysia Airlines. We flew Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Bali just hours after they had their plane shot down over Ukraine.

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Getting a Travel Tattoo

I’ve been wanting a travel tattoo for quite some time, but just could not decide what to get. I didn’t want a compass, or a map, or the globe, or foot prints. I just wanted something unique, so I put it off for the longest time.

After brainstorming for at least a year on the perfect travel tattoo, I was stumped. I had nothing. Google searches for travel tattoos never resulted in anything interesting. Then, I suddenly came up with a brilliant idea, why can’t my travel tattoo be a food travel tattoo, and in that case, why not get the With Husband in Tow logo as my travel tattoo?

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Getting the Meat Sweats at La Rueda in Barcelona

Eric is his father’s son in one very important way – 3 square meals a day and dinner is meat, potatoes, and a veg. It is something I had to get used to when we started dating in college. At that point, my typical dinner was chips, salsa, and diet a coke. Or, sometimes I would make myself a rice-a-roni. That was as complicated a meal as I would cook.

Eric, though, needs his three meals a day, and still needs a full lunch. So, after a few days in Barcelona, where we ate very well, but ate only tapas, Eric was in need of a big meal, a full meal. On Sunday, we wandered around looking for a decent menu del dia, normally an appetizer, entree, vegetables, dessert, wine, and coffee for about 10 Euros. Eric was practically begging me to find him a large plate of meat. He needed a full sized meal.

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Muay Thai Live Bangkok

One of the things I love about traveling like we do, is meeting people on one side of the world, and then the other.  I love collecting friends who I’ve seen on more than one continent.  I have some who are in the three continents club…no one on the four continents... read more

When to Eat in Spain

This was our fourth trip to Spain, and still, after all of these visits, we can’t seem to figure out what to eat when.  There are these rules about when to eat in Spain that I just can’t wrap my head around. I know the Spaniards eat dinner late, like 10pm or later. ... read more

The 10 Best Food Instagram Accounts

I have been spending more and more time on Instagram.  Now, for a lot of people, they maybe can handle one or two social media channels, and want no more.  But as a blogger, I kind of feel like I have to be on them all.  I am not, though, I just refuse.  I spend my... read more

How to Follow Your Passion

I have never been much of a believer in the concept that if you follow your passion, you will be successful.  However the term success is defined.  However the term passion is defined. The word passion is so heavily weighted down by meanings and interpretation that... read more

10 Tips For Driving in Italy

One of the things I love about traveling through Europe is traveling by train.  It has been our main way of traveling during most of our visits. What was strange about our two weeks traveling through Emilia Romagna, though, was that we never once stepped foot on a... read more

Christmas in Bali

So, how do a couple of self proclaimed anti-Christmas American expats spend Christmas in Bali.  You would be surprised. It was a simple day.  I woke to the view outside our bathroom window.  The rice had just been harvested, and the fields had just been cleared.  That... read more

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