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How to Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong

What legitimate travel blogger, and international eater, doesn’t have their go to, local place to eat dim sum in Hong Kong?  Well, we certainly do.  We found it during our first trip in 2009, and have been back every trip to Hong Kong since then (and sometimes more... read more

Getting Ripped Off In Bali

I am no novice to traveling in Asia, and I feel like I have put my time into giving Bali a chance, but there are days where I wonder, why the heck do I live in Bali?  These days are generally the ones were I get ripped off, or spend my day avoiding getting ripped off... read more

Exploring Oz Park in Chicago

I lived in Chicago for 5 years.  Not only that, but I lived off of Lincoln Ave in Lakeview for 4 of those years.  I often walked through the Lakeview and nearby Lincoln Park neighborhoods, particularly during the brief summers in Chicago. So, why did it take a blogger... read more

When a Writer Drinks

Occasionally, when I drink, I start to write.  I often believe that the writing is profound, in a Truman Capote kind of way.  Then, I show it to Eric after, he reads it, shrugs his shoulders and I realize it was quite possibly, complete crap.  Because when a writer... read more

Returning to a “New” Pastoral Chicago

For our last night in Chicago, and in the US, I was torn as to what I wanted to eat.  We ate a good deal of Mexican and drank some margaritas, and we certainly drank our share of wine and ate our share of cheese (and then some).  Our friends were talking us into... read more

A Pilgrimage to Hot Doug’s Chicago

There are certain things from my past that I am just not proud of.  I am sure you have similar problems.  Things that only come to the surface when you are drunk, or in therapy.  Things you hate to admit. For me, it is that I lived in Chicago for five years and never... read more

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