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How to Travel Like Anthony Bourdain

I have been watching travel TV shows for years, looking for inspiration, living vicariously through the hosts. I remember spending the weekends in the basement of our Chicago condo while planning our first round the world trip, watching GlobeTrekker, Samantha Brown, Rick Steves, and Anthony Bourdain. No Reservations was like no other travel show on TV at the time, and I knew I wanted to travel like Anthony Bourdain.

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Eating Snake in Vietnam

Not many people can say that Dong Ha, Vietnam, is their second home. Nor can many people say that they have traveled to a city like Dong Ha five times. It is one of the most unique places that we have been to so many times. It is no surprise then that when were greeted back to Dong Ha we were invited to eat snake in Vietnam for the first time. Welcome to Dong Ha.

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Modena Food Market – Mercato Albinelli

The original Modena food market was over a thousand years old, but it was not until 1931 that the town’s market was moved into its current space. The covered market is stunning, with wrought iron spirals, large columns, and even a statue of a little girl with a basket of flowers at the heart of the building.

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The Perfect Couples Spa Day in Bangkok

During our December trip, Eric found a fabulous day spa in Bangkok close to our apartment rental, Dahra Spa in the Silom Road area. When we booked our apartment for this stay, I was thrilled to be within walking distance of what I now consider my absolute favorite spa in Bangkok.

Dahra Spa is a little oasis in the bustling city. It is unbelievably serene, well appointed, and not that much more expensive than the cheap-o Bangkok massage places, with lines of chairs for foot massages in the window, and bored massage girls playing on their phones waiting for customers.

No, Dahra Spa is heavenly in comparison. We’ve done a few Thai massages there, and a foot massage in a quiet little room that allowed us to take a nap while getting a foot massage. It was like multitasking.

Just before leaving, though, we wanted to splurge on a full spa day in Bangkok, and knew Dahra was the way to go. They offer amazing deals if you book on their website. And, I swear they are not paying me to say any of this.

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Exploring Bangkok at Night

It’s no secret that I am a little bit food obsessed. In fact, if I had to identify my passion, it would certainly be food, and I want to spend as much time as I can eating food. This is why I am a bit surprised that during our recent midnight food tour of Bangkok I was more impressed with seeing Bangkok at night, than eating all of the delicious food.

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Snorkeling Koh Rok Thailand

Snorkeling Koh Rok was certainly a perfect break from the digital nomad life on Koh Lanta. It was fun being a tourist for a day. Koh Rok was so remote we did not even have cell phone service on the island. The Horror. We survived nonetheless, spending an entire day on the water, with no cell phones and no social media. I can’t even remember the last time we were that off line.

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8 Tips for How to Live Like a Local When Traveling

As a long term traveler, we get to see a lot of places in a way that casual travelers might not get to. We do things that are, well more mundane, and might not be on your list of things to do when traveling. But, these are the things that make me feel like a local when traveling. There are things that you can do when traveling, even for a short term, that can provide the chance to live like a local when traveling.

Here are my 8 tips for how to live like a local when traveling.

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Royal Thai Cuisine With Naj Exquisite Thai

One of the types of Thai cuisine we are unfamiliar with is what is considered Royal Thai cuisine, based on rich, traditional recipes. These are recipes adapted from ancient recipe books, and funeral books left by past generations. We were first introduced to Royal Thai cuisine during our final stop of our Taste of Thailand Food Tour, but otherwise it remains elusive.

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10 Best Tapas in Barcelona

I love food, it’s no secret. Spain, and in particular Barcelona, is one of my favorite places to eat. This is due in large part to the availability of tapas. I just love the concept of these small plates, which allow me not only to snack throughout the day, but also to try many different dishes in one sitting.

The concept of tapas has evolved over the years. It once was the case that a tapa came free with a drink. It was small morsel of food placed on a drink coaster, which was then placed on top of the drink, to keep the flies out. Oh how times have changed. Although there are still areas of Spain where tapas are complimentary with the purchase of a drink this is much harder to find when it comes to tapas in Barcelona. The same is true for tapas in Madrid too. And, from simple morsels of food to complex tapas, it is now possible to find elaborate tapas bars, with truffles and other luxury ingredients to fancy up the tapas.

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The Perfect Cooking Class in Hanoi

But I thought I had some knowledge on the topic. I understand the basics of pho and bun cha, and even know some food words in Vietnamese. The ingredients, and how to cook some of the most iconic Vietnamese foods, though, remained elusive. That is, until we attended a cooking class in Hanoi.

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